Watch Pizza Delivery Guy Get More Than A Huge Tip From Real Estate Agents In Michigan [Video]

A pizza delivery man wasn’t hoping for more than a regular tip when he delivered one pizza to a meeting of a couple of real estate agents in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

On Thursday evening the pizza delivery man, only identified as Rob, showed up at the Keller Williams Realty conference with a pizza from Pizza House in Ann Arbor, according to the Associated Press.

We can only guess how Rob must have been confused and elated at the same time when he was handed a $2,084 tip for delivering a single pizza. All those who attended the conference pitched in while attending the company’s regional conference to honor a person in the service industry.

As if the large tip for the pizza delivery man wasn’t generous enough, the realty group gave Rob a Visa gift card, lottery tickets, and notes of encouragement.

Rob could hardly believe the generosity of the Keller Williams Realty group’s tip.

“All I did was deliver pizza.”

Brian LeFevre is the delivery manager at Pizza House. LeFevre said Rob the pizza man was “ecstatic.” LeFevre added,”that’s a pretty good day’s work” of earnings for one pizza.

Rob may never receive such a large tip delivering pizza ever again, but it is sure to be one which he will never forget.