North American International Auto Show Gems

The mid-point of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit has arrived, and with it, some pretty amazing new vehicles have been unveiled. A couple of super-high performance sports cars are stealing the limelight at the auto show, proving that automakers at least believe that the future looks bright.

Since the U.S. has come out of the recession about five years ago, auto sales have been on the increase. Increased sales translate into profits for auto companies, and some of those profits get funneled into research and development. The famed Kelley Blue Book had one of their senior editors, Karl Brauer, at the auto show this past week and he was quite excited about what he saw there.

“We’re seeing a really optimistic automotive industry, and it’s manifesting in powerful cars, exotic cars, fun cars, niche cars, convertibles.”

One of the auto show’s exotic, fun cars was Ford’s GT. The surprise preliminary version that rolled out, painted an eye-catching electric blue, is a successor to the GT models sold in 2005 and 2006. The hot new version boasts a twin-turbo charged V-6 motor that blasts out about 600 horsepower. Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company’s president and CEO, was thrilled with the attention at the auto show.

2016 Ford GT
2016 Ford GT

“We are passionate about innovation through performance and creating vehicles that make people’s hearts pound.”

Running a close second is new NSX from Acura, unveiled at the auto show. It, too, is a follow up version to a previously manufactured model sold from 1990–2005. The NSX puts out about 550 horsepower from its turbo-charged V-6 engine, and will be in production by the end of the year.

Acura NSX
Acura NSX

While cars in the stratosphere price ranges sell regardless of the price of gas at the pump, the lower oil prices appear to be having a positive influence on the automotive industry, especially in the truck and SUV departments. Ford’s long selling F-150 took top honors, collecting the coveted North American Truck/Utility of The Year Award. With high prices at the pump, truck and SUV sales slow, regardless of fancy auto show awards. This year, that auto show award might translate into consumer excitement and higher sales numbers.

The North American International Auto Show, held in Detroit, Michigan, is open to the public and will run through January 25, 2015. Auto show tickets are $13 for adults, and can make for a fun day and a much welcome break from the dreary grey skies of winter. This auto show may leave you with a strong case of spring fever and a desire to drive one of the auto show’s beauties out in the sunshine with the top down.

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