Cow Mascot Dancing In Supermarket Goes Viral: Happiest Worker Ever? [Video]

It’s a normal day of shopping at your local supermarket… until you turn the corner and see a cow mascot busting a move in the middle of the aisle. Hopefully, you’ll do what a few individuals did at a grocery store in Acapulco, Mexico, and share it with the internet.

Thanks to the instincts of one shopper, this dancing cow mascot has now gone viral.

According an article by Time, this particular cow mascot (and part-time dancing machine) represents the Mexican dairy brand Alpura. Instead of just standing around waving, maybe handing out a flyer or two, the cow mascot decided that he was going to make the most of what others would only see as a “crappy” job.

The cow mascot apparently dances around the store to various songs, as he is seen in a few different Vine clips behaving in a hilarious fashion.

Perhaps what really makes these clips is the absolute indifference shown by the majority of shoppers in this particular grocery store. In the viral YouTube video, shoppers push carts and nonchalantly move throughout the supermarket, managing to ignore the cow mascot entirely!

It makes one wonder just how long the dancing mascot has been at this particular store, as it’s clear that with the routine customers, the novelty of the cow mascot has worn off. But perhaps the surprising lack of emotional response has only fueled the guy behind this particular mascot’s nerve. With no one particularly bothered by his moves, the mascot gets to dance like nobody’s watching.

The YouTube video for this dancing machine was posted on January 15. Since then, it has accumulated over a million views. With the Vine clips each producing tens of thousands of views, it’s clear that this dancing mascot is on the way to being a star outside of Acapulco.

The Huffington Post stated that the happy supermarket cow mascot first came to the attention of popular social media website Reddit after user Red_Dog1880 shared the YouTube clip with the community. It apparently took off from there.

In case you’re wondering what song this cow mascot is dancing to, it is reportedly “Bailan Rochas Y Chetas” by Nene Malo. No doubt this song will make its way onto the workout playlists of quite a few people, after seeing this enthusiastic dairy mascot sweat to it in a supermarket.

What do you think: Is this cow mascot the happiest worker you’ve ever seen?

[Image Credit: chuyreyesm]