Controversy Erupts After McDonald’s Throws Homeless Kid Out Of Restaurant In India

Rahul Srinivas - Author

Jan. 17 2015, Updated 7:43 a.m. ET

Controversy has erupted after a Facebook post describing how a homeless kid was thrown out of a McDonald’s restaurant in India went viral. According to Yahoo! News, the incident happened in the Indian city of Pune on January 10, after a woman decided to take the child in to buy him a drink.

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In the Facebook post describing the incident, the woman claims that she saw the child outside the restaurant begging for food, when she had gone to the McDonald’s outlet with her friends. Since he was asking for a drink, she decided to buy him a Fanta float, which wasn’t very expensive. However, when she decided to take the child with her to buy him a drink, the employees at the store refused entry to him. And they didn’t stop at that. One of the employees grabbed the boy and threw him out of the restaurant as customers watched on. This in spite of the fact that the woman told them that she would be paying for the child’s drink. The employees at McDonald’s, however, were adamant in refusing entry to the boy.

This is what she wrote on her Facebook wall after the incident, as seen in a screen shot uploaded to Imgur.

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“So I was in Pune for a work visit. At night, we decided to visit the McDonald’s nearby. We went and got ourselves some coke floats. When we came out, a poor kid started asking for some. Since it’s not very expensive, I decided to buy him a Fanta float. I asked the kid if he would like to come in with me and stand in the line to purchase it by himself… he agreed. I took him in and he stood in the line. Of course I accompanied him. Immediately, a worker from McDonald’s came and pushed and threw the kid out!

“I told him that it’s me who got him in to buy him a Fanta float. He was extremely rude and told me that these kind of people are not allowed inside! Any way, I bought him the stuff and gave it to him outside.

“Now, I need to know who are THESE KIND OF PEOPLE? Are poor kids are not allowed? Even though I accompanied him? I was paying? Did I ask anything for free? Worse? Not a single people from the public even bothered to stop or even raise a word.”

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The post went viral within hours, and was even featured on the Reddit India page. McDonald’s received severe criticism from all quarters, with some even going to the length of advising them to stop doing business in India.

With criticism mounting, McDonald’s India earlier today announced that they would be investigating the matter and will check if their employees had “breached basic courtesy.” They have also promised appropriate action against the employees if they were found guilty. This, by the way, is not the first time McDonald’s has been in the news for kicking out people. Last year, there was similar outrage after an outlet allegedly kicked an elderly couple out of their store after their “half hour was up.”

[Image Via McDonalds India]


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