New Teen Craze: Vodka Tampons [Video]

H. Scott English

Seriously, I think it is fun to try new things, but sometimes there has to be a limit. After reading the Huffington Post this morning I figured I had to report on this one.

Its seems there is a new huge trend among underage drinkers. It is called the Vodka Tampon. A female takes a tampon, soaks it in vodka, and inserts it in her happy place. I am really not kidding, just Google it and find out for yourself. Equally disturbing is that it doesn't seem to be unique to females. Males can also engage in Vodka Tampons through a process called "Butt Chugging".

For underage drinkers it supposedly has the advantages of producing a really fast buzz without any telltale alcohol smell.

It seems as if this has to be an urban legend, but it seems as if there are cases of teens being brought to the hospital with alcohol poisoning from vodka tampons.

It isn't just that this is as stupid as it sounds, Dr. Lisa Masterson, co-host of "The Doctors," says this method will "literally destroy the vagina."

It doesn't just stop there. This is being added to a long list of "alternative" methods of drinking vodka.

Her Conclusion: "anyone who tries to get drunk off a tampon deserves the punishment".

You have to see the news report on the topic here.