Mitt Romney Interest In Presidency Race Surprises Some

Mitt Romney wants to be president. Therefore, Mitt Romney is going to run for president again in 2016. But this is not being met with enthusiastic support from Republicans leaders, the Boston Globe reports. Many who believed his claims last year of not running seem surprised now to hear Mitt Romney is very interested in running again.

“(A Mitt Romney candidacy) really kind of throws a wrench in everything,” the Globe quoted Saul Anuzis as saying, a longtime Michigan Republican leader who backed Romney in 2012.

“Mitt Romney is truly respected and loved here. No doubt the committee has a great deal of positive feelings for him. But I also think everybody’s kind of surprised.”

Mitt Romney faces the issue of a losing major party nominee not being desired by many to be the nominee again in the future. But Mitt Romney could cite the example of Richard Nixon losing to John F. Kennedy in 1960 only to win the nomination and the presidency eight years later.

“I’m not happy frankly with the way he’s chosen to reenter presidential politics and I think his friends need to be honest with him about that,” Vin Weber, a former cochairman of Romney’s campaign, the Globe quoted him as telling Bloomberg Politics about a possible Romney candidacy.

“He’s a great man, he’d be a great president but there’s not a lot of precedent for somebody losing the election and coming back four years later, becoming the nominee.”

While many wanted Romney to get in, as of last year, Mitt Romney himself was not for the idea of another Mitt Romney candidacy, Gloria Borger noted in writing for But that has changed, as Mitt Romney has stated he wants to run for president again.

And there is sound basis for another Mitt Romney run for president, Borger notes,

“…why not run? It’s not very often that you have the conjunction of two key situations — an open Oval Office and a party without an obvious frontrunner. The GOP establishment has not coalesced around New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, as some thought might happen. Jeb Bush, another somewhat unexpected contender, has never run in a presidential primary. The tea party has a gaggle of candidates to choose from, and hasn’t settled, either.”

It has been suggested by Borger and others that Mitt Romney himself is also enthused to support one of the other candidates likely to seek the GOP nomination in 2016, so this also is the basis for a third Mitt Romney campaign for president. As Borger sums up Romney’s thinking about this, “Translation: These other guys have no idea what they’re in for, and I do.”

Mitt Romney does want to be president, the Inquisitr reported last week. The Wall Street Journal was cited as reporting Mitt Romney speaking to supporters in New York City and “giving himself the green-light” to run again.

“People ask if I really want to be president,” said Romney, according to a source that was at the presentation. “Yeah, I want to be president.”

That is the bottom line; Mitt Romney wants to be president. If Romney can convince potential supporters, financial backers and voters that a third Mitt Romney candidacy would be a winner in the general election against the Democrats, Mitt Romney could have a chance of being elected president.

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