Mitt Romney 2016: ‘Yeah, I Want To Be President’

Mitt Romney is back and ready to run for President in 2016? Appears so!

Apparently rebounding from 2012, Mitt Romney is back on board as a potential Republican Presidential nominee in 2016. Romney told some of his supporters and donors in a New York City presentation that he was giving himself the green-light for a 2016 presidential run, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“People ask if I really want to be president,” said Romney, according to a source that was at the presentation. “Yeah, I want to be president.”

Mitt Romney’s comments to the donors at the New York City meeting were also timely in the sense that they potentially step on the fundraising toes of fellow Republican presidential hopefuls, such as Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

While many Republican donors seemed to be preparing to start dumping money into Jeb Bush’s Republican presidential coffers, Mitt Romney’s return to the party has thrown a wrench in the works at a critical time.

Jeb Bush has been ratcheting up his 2016 presidential bid, according to MSNBC, but with Mitt Romney joining the fray, Republican donors are faced with a dilemma. Both Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush have fans that are major donors, but Mitt Romney, not just showing up as a guest at the party, but actually jumping into the pool, definitely splashes all of his former supporters with a hint to not support anyone else just yet.

Jeb Bush, meanwhile, reportedly has a strategy to get the likes of Mitt Romney and Chris Christie in, or out, of their White House Presidential aspirations.

For Christie, Jeb Bush may have struck gold by the New Jersey governor just looking bizarre jumping up and down while celebrating the Dallas Cowboy’s win. But Christie aside, Mitt Romney might not be conservative enough for some “tea party” folks, which will, of course, help pile onto the failed 2012 Mitt Romney Presidential campaign.

Regardless, Romney currently seems game. While he told the New York Times in January, “No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no,” regarding a 2016 presidential run, his supporters point out that much of his 2012 campaign points have come to roost, particularly what has unfolded in Russia, where the U.S. has seemed weak.

Despite his 2012 presidential loss, Mitt Romney has maintained a strong and popular presence in the Republican party, and having already been put through the presidential gauntlet, Romney is who he is — likely clean of any backdoor dirty laundry, character assassinations, and whatever else that opponents commonly dig up to try and tear a candidate down.

There is, of course, a long way to go should Mitt Romney move forward with another push for the presidency. Just getting through the primaries would be a huge challenge before heading for the general elections.

But Mitt Romney has been there before, and perhaps that will be the difference for a successful Mitt Romney Republican Presidential run in 2016.

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