John Travolta Introduced Himself To A Random Guy In A Gym At Three In The Morning

John Travolta has always had some odd quirks about him, but that’s part of what makes him who he is. Well, he’s in the spotlight again now for one of his strange little actions, and it’s due to the fact that he introduced himself to a random guy… in a gym… alone… at three in the morning.

Justin Jones of Ocala, Florida, had gotten off work and decided to head to a nearby Planet Fitness to workout. He often works late hours, and on this night, he wanted to get in a late-night workout before going home, per Yahoo! News.

A few days ago, Jones was working out around 3 a.m. when a guy came up and introduced himself.

“Hi I’m John. That’s exactly how it happened.”

The man who introduced himself to Jones was none other than John Travolta. It appears the actor was also in the mood for a late-night workout at Planet Fitness, and he didn’t want to be a stranger to the only other guy in there.

Jones was a bit taken back by the whole thing.

“I said ‘Yeah, I know who you are!’ We had a fairly long conversation.”

John Travolta and Jones – aka the stranger in the gym at 3 a.m. – had about a 15-minute talk and chatted it up.

Oddly enough, Jones had recently been watching some of Travolta’s old classics, and that includes episodes of Welcome Back, Kotter. Jones is apparently a fan of Travolta, and was thrilled to meet him.

“He seemed very flattered by that. He asked a lot of questions about if I was married and If I had kids. The time just flew by.”

There have often been rumors about John Travolta being gay over the years, and he even addressed them a few months ago, per the Huffington Post. He said he didn’t “care that much” about the allegations, and he doesn’t attack back because he “can’t control it.”

Jones had posted the picture of him and Travolta on Reddit, and it took off in a number of ways. Some Redditors were impressed while others were skeptical as to why Travolta happened to be at a public gym at that hour of the morning.

“It was 3am. There is no other reason for an allegedly closeted gay dude to be at the gym at that hour. Like someone else here said, the guy owns his own plane and a private landing strip. He could afford to have a nice, private home gym.

EDIT: Not that there is anything wrong with that.”

Others came to his defense and said that John Travolta may have been on a movie set or just felt like getting out of the house.

Jones said he wanted to surprise his wife so he didn’t let her know what happened until he posted the pic of him and John Travolta from the gym on Facebook. She simply asked, “What the hell happened last night?”

[Image via Reddit]

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