Making Drugs From Your Printer

Inkjet, laserjet…drugjet? Microsoft says it may not be long before your printer can spit out prescription medications.

The IDG News Service reported the prediction by a top executive at a speech in Indonesia today.

The so-called “drugstore-in-a-box” would let you play pharmacist and put various ingredients into your printer. Then, presto chango! Push a button, wait a minute, and you’ve got your dose — in the boldest and brightest colors available.

The exec also talked about the possibility of a cell phone that could diagnose you by your breath. He said you’d blow into it, like a breathalyzer, and get an analysis of your troubles. You’d then take those results into a clinic, where — I’m not making this up — he says a computerized nurse would print out a sheet of tablets that you’d “peel…off like mailing labels” and “dissolve into [your] mouth.”

Local pranksters may or may not have spiked this man’s morning coffee with LSD.