Carolyn Anderson: Woman Spends $200K To Become Pamela Anderson Look-Alike

A British woman named Carolyn Anderson has one important goal in life. She’s determined to transform herself into a Pamela Anderson look alike. The 29-year-old is so adamant about altering her appearance that she’s reportedly spent a whopping $200K to get the job done. Carolyn recently shared details about her aspirations on the latest episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

She stated that her infatuation with the former Baywatch star began when she was just a child. Carolyn, now a professional model, also revealed she’s been through a series of different cosmetic treatments to complete the “Pamefication” process.

“I want to go to Hollywood and become a sex symbol for millions… Just following in Pamela’s footsteps.”

Carolyn has reportedly had “hair extensions, Botox, lip injections, beauty spot tattoos, lip liner tattoos, teeth whitening, teeth straightening, chemical skin peels, and a boob job,” reports Gossip Cop. Although she insists the procedures only cost approximately $40,000 collectively, she also revealed on the reality series that she’s spent a whopping $160K on a “Pam-ified wardrobe.”