Is A Claudia Jordan Sex Tape Coming Soon?

A Claudia Jordan sex tape may soon hit the web, but if it does, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star could be faced with a lawsuit from her ex-boyfriend.

In an new interview with Radar Online, Joel Randell claims he and Jordan were on vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, when the made not one, but three, sex tapes.

“There are three separate tapes of one particular evening,” Randell told the site, adding that each tape was about 10 minutes long.

After the clips were shot, Randell claims he and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star watched each film, but he was never given a copy of the tapes. After the couple split up, Randell moved on. However, when he recently saw a post on Jordan’s Instagram, which claimed her laptop had been stolen from her car, Randell worried that the Claudia Jordan sex tape collection would soon hit the web.

In fact, Randell feels Jordan may have staged the alleged robbery in an effort to make the possible release of her tapes appear to be a leak.

“After the reported ‘robbery’ of her laptop from her car last week, it became clear to me that Claudia is likely planning to leak the tapes. The car break-in was staged. She would never in a million years leave her laptop in her car unattended. She’s on her laptop constantly, and she has way too much personal information on it. She’s probably planning to leak it to bolster her storyline on RHOA.”

Because of his fears regarding a Claudia Jordan sex tape collection leak, Randell has chosen to release a statement, threatening legal action against Jordan and anyone who publishes the clips.

“If the tapes are leaked, or even if screen grabs with images of me come out, I’m suing Claudia AND the outlet who posts them for defamation.”

Randell claims his relationship with the reality star “started out great. We took off like the space shuttle, and exploded in the atmosphere just as fast. Our breakup ended in a horrible fight, and we haven’t spoken since.”

As the Inquisitr previous reported, Jordan was recently accused of being the “most hated” member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast.

“How do you export a b***h from California?” a source asked Radar Online. “She’s no Georgia peach!”

“No one likes Claudia. She’s the most hated Housewife out of the group. So many of the women just think she’s fake and they don’t have time for any of her nonsense. Everything about her is fake. They don’t think she belongs on the show and she isn’t being sincere at all so they just don’t like her. She really doesn’t have any friends at all.”​

Jordan, however, quickly set the record straight, claiming there was no truth to the report.

The star has not yet responded to the Claudia Jordan sex tape report.

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