Andi Dorfman-Josh Murray ‘Bachelorette’ Split: Did Couple Split Long Ago Over Jealousy, Aspirations?

Bachelorette stars Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray split last week and didn’t beat around the bush for long to confirm it, or so fans thought. Andi and Josh had walked the red carpet together during the premiere of Chris Soules’ The Bachelor 2015 season, and just three days later, their rep released a statement that their relationship was over. Now there are some rumors that the two actually hid the split for a while. What’s the truth on this one?

Andi and Josh got engaged during the final rose ceremony of The Bachelorette 2014 season. The engagement was filmed in March 2014 and aired last May, and the two had supposedly been happy and working toward a wedding since then.

As Gossip Cop notes, new tabloid reports are claiming that Dorfman and Murray hid their split and troubles from the public for quite some time. Supposed friends of the couple have also reportedly claimed that the Bachelorette break-up was a very bitter one, with allegations flying about what went wrong and which reality TV star was to blame.

It seems that InTouch is reporting that one of Andi’s friends claims that the relationship had problems since the beginning because of Josh’s controlling nature and his “temper and immaturity.” Supposedly, Andi had known for a while that things weren’t working, but the actual split was “really messy and super bitter.” The insiders claim that it all blew up for good the day Andi and Josh returned to Atlanta after the Bachelor premiere.

A supposed pal of Josh’s claims that Murray felt duped by Dorfman. The reports claim that Josh proposed thinking that the two would stay in Atlanta and focus on building a family. Instead, he soon learned that Andi wanted a celebrity life in Los Angeles, and he supposedly felt that Andi wanted that life more than she wanted to be with him.

It seems that the site is claiming that Andi and Josh’s split happened some time ago, and that the Bachelorette couple kept it hidden until the announcement last Thursday. Based on what Reality Steve has shared about the split, the claims seem to miss the mark.

Steve had been hinting in his columns that things may not be going all that well for Andi and Josh, and he was the first to announce that they had split. Less than an hour later, the Bachelorette couple’s rep had released a statement confirming the break-up. Steve has since indicated that he had heard that the split was coming, and it had become a matter of when, not if.

The gossip guru adds that he didn’t think the split was coming just three days after they were together at the Bachelor premiere, and show host Chris Harrison has said he was taken off-guard by it as well. While there had been buzz about trouble in Andi and Josh’s relationship, it seems clear via other sources that they were still together until after that Bachelor premiere.

While many loved Andi and Josh together, it is sounding as if it was not a pretty break-up, and Bachelorette fans are bummed to hear it. Josh’s rep told Gossip Cop that the new reports are “completely false,” and so far neither Dorfman nor Murray have further addressed the split via social media or additional statements.

Josh Murray has been seen visiting with his mom and dog, but so far Andi Dorfman has laid low and has stayed completely off of social media. The accusations about what went wrong for the Bachelorette couple may continue to fly, but so far both Andi and Josh are keeping the specifics to themselves.

[Image via Rumor Fix]