Obese Mom And Daughter ‘Happy’ Living On Government Benefits: Would Rather Be ‘Fat On Benefits Than Thin And Working’

One mom and her daughter apparently think it’s “beneficial” to be overweight and living on government benefits. As matter of fact, they’ve made their sentiments known, and many taxpayers aren’t too happy with their perspective.

According to Mirror, Janice and Amber Manzur weigh more than 605 pounds collectively. Neither of them are employed because of health issues they’ve developed due to their size. Then, to make matters worse, both of the Manzur women are barely able to walk, and reportedly use mobility scooters and a wheelchair-accessible car to get around.

They’ve been living off the government for nine years, and receive more than $50,000 a year in benefits. However, their quality of life is highly effected due to their health complications, but that doesn’t mean they’re unhappy with their lives. As a matter of fact, the two women are quite happy with their free-loading lifestyles. During a recent interview with the Sun, Janice revealed how she feels about the lifestyle she has living on government benefits. She has even argued that obesity is a “genuine disability.”

“I’ve always been big and I’m too fat to work, so I have a genuine disability. I should be miserable but I’m happy,” Janice said. “I know this is the way I’m meant to be.”

Amber also weighed in with her perspective, stating that being obesity is just “in their genes.”

“People shouldn’t judge me or my mum for how big we are because it’s in our genes,” Amber said.

She also shared her opinion of what she’d want for her daughter’s future. Unfortunately, Janice wants nothing more for their lives than what they have now.

“I’d rather my daughter live life on benefits being fat and happy than depressed and thin,” she said.

However, a neighbor named Steven Hunter reportedly stated that Amber’s life isn’t as “happy” as her mother likes to make it seem. Her immobility reportedly makes her life quite difficult.


“Amber is that bad she can hardly walk. It takes her half an hour to get up the stairs,” Hunter said. “She’s never walking. When she comes round to see someone it takes her half an hour to get to the house.”

Of course, Janice’s statements have sparked outrage because many readers and taxpayers feel the two women are living off the government simply because of obesity. According to the Daily Mail, Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum also expressed his frustrations about obesity being viewed as a disability. As a matter of fact, he’s actually quite “horrified” that anyone would be receiving benefits simply because they’re overweight.

“I think it’s a total exploitation of the benefits system,” Fry said. “I’m at a loss for words. There must be a benefits system available to help those people who require assistance and there are many of them. That is correct and that is why it is there. But when it is handed to a family who are happy to exploit it to the degree of £34,000 ($51,700) a year and are refusing to diet the system has gone mad. It’s very difficult to blame the individuals but what I can blame is the health system which actually allowed this to happen.”

Do you think obesity should be considered a disability that qualifies for government benefits? Share your thoughts.

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