January 15, 2015
'Big Bang Theory' To Go On Hiatus Until January 29, More Potential Breaks In Coming Months

The Big Bang Theory has only just returned from its holiday hiatus, but unfortunately, it looks like another one is in effect immediately until January 29, the International Business Times reports. That means we have another couple weeks of reruns before the next episode, entitled "The Anxiety Optimization," hits TV screens across the country. The reason for The Big Bang Theory's hiatus? It's very simple, according to Carter Matt. The executives want to save certain episodes until the month of May. Sadly, that won't be the extent of the hiatus for the season.

"There will most likely be another hiatus in March and possibly in April, since the show wants to also have another run of consecutive episodes in May."

Sheldon and Leonard have a heart-to-heart in last episodes
Sheldon and Leonard have a heart-to-heart in last episode's "The Space Probe Disintegration"

The hiatus comes on the heels of an oddly poignant episode of The Big Bang Theory that saw some real progress in the maturation of Sheldon as a character. He was finally able to accept the fact that he and Leonard wouldn't be able to live together forever, and agreed to let Leonard move out -- albeit gradually. So fans wondering what happens after that will have to wait a couple weeks. But what can we expect from The Big Bang Theory when it does return? Luckily, the folks at the International Business Times have an official synopsis.

The official synopsis states that Sheldon will seek his friends' help to increase his anxiety level in a bid to improve his work performance, and "Howard starts guessing whether Raj 's random comments are about Emily or his dog."

Sheldon and Amy
Those expecting any upcoming progress in Sheldon and Amy's relationship may have to wait.

As far as other nuggets that are left to share regarding The Big Bang Theory, Executive Producer Steve Molaro told TVLine that we can expect upcoming episodes to deal with the next stages of Penny and Leonard's relationship, namely their "future living arrangements regarding Sheldon." As mentioned above, the latest episode did begin to tackle that very obstacle, and it bears repeating that the showrunners don't want to rush any of the relationships of the show. As a result, we'll likely be seeing episodes regarding this subject for the remainder of the season.

"We are discovering the show, the relationships, the problems, as we go along," Molaro said to TVLine. "It's more a discovery process than a planning one."

What will you do now that The Big Bang Theory will be getting reruns for the next couple weeks, and how do you feel about the way they are handling the progression of the series as a whole? Let us know below!

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