‘The Big Bang Theory’: Executive Producer Talks New Episodes And Tribute To Actress Death

The latest season of The Big Bang Theory is slowly bringing change into the series’ fold. With the characters pairing up one after another, it seems like a groundbreaking change is inevitable, however far into the future it may be.

The most heartbreaking changes comes as a result of the recent passing of Carol Ann Susi, who voiced Mrs. Wolowitz. While she was never actually seen–her character yelled from offscreen in a heavy Brooklyn accent–she added a lot of great comedy to series, as well as some great scenes alongside her onscreen son, Howard Wolowitz. Susi’s death in November undoubtedly had a huge effect on the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory, though up until this point, the incident has yet to be addressed in any capacity on the show (with the exception of a farewell card at the end of an episode).

Carol Ann Susi
Carol Ann Susi, voice of Mrs. Wolowitz in ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ passed away last November

“The death of Carol will be dealt with,” executive producer Steve Molaro told TVline. “We just needed time to process the loss of our friend.” Molaro didn’t specify to TVline which episode we can expect a tribute of sorts.

There also is currently no word as to how The Big Bang Theory showrunners plan on dealing with the Susi’s death. Will they merely replace the actress (Melissa Rauch, who already plays the character of Bernadette on the show, has done a decent imitation of the overbearing mother in episodes past), or will they write the change in the series? However they handle it, you can bet it will be a respectful sendoff to Susi.

Leonard and Penny engagement
Last season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ saw the engagement of show leads Leonard and Penny

Molaro also opened up about what we can expect from the rest of the characters this television season. With last season’s engagement between Leonard and Penny, and this season’s L-word drop from Sheldon and Amy, it would seem the The Big Bang Theory is on the fast track to creating some big changes. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

“[We] aren’t in a rush for a Leonard and Penny wedding,” Molaro assures. Mainly the upcoming episodes will delve into the finer points of the pair’s engagement–specifically, “future living arrangements regarding Sheldon,” who is notoriously adverse to change. And speaking of Sheldon, Molaro also told TVline not to expect him and Amy to hit another big milestone any time soon.

Sheldon and Amy
There are no plans to take Sheldon and Amy’s awkard-but-sweet relationship to the next level any time soon

“We are discovering the show, the relationships, the problems, as we go along. It’s more a discovery process than a planning one.”

Are you looking forward to the next half of The Big Bang Theory‘s season? Will you check out the tribute to Carol Ann Susi? Let us know below!

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