Google Drive Updates Give You More Control

Google Drive is known for being a popular online file management tool for companies, schools, and personal use. Its popularity comes from the fact that you receive 15GB of storage for free so that you can store literally any kind of file and do it securely. And what’s more, unlike some other file management applications, Google Drive can be accessed on any device. But Google is trying to make their Drive even more user-friendly now for Windows and OS X users. Google Drive has released an updated to provide users with more control over their files. So what are the two new updates exactly?

Firstly, the Google Drive app has given users the option to limit how much bandwidth Google Drive consumes. What does this mean in lay person terms? Venture Beat explains that this new feature is helpful “if you need to stream a heavy media file or download a large file as soon as possible, and you don’t want the Drive app hogging your upload and download pipes.” So basically, you want to stream some music while Google Drive syncs? You can now do that easily by controlling just how much of that bandwidth that Google Drive is using.

All you need to do to access the options for this feature is to access the “Preferences” menu and find the “Advanced” option.

The second update is a new menu, which has a lot of people talking. One of the great new features with the menu is it will show you the upload progress as files sync to your Google Drive account.

Another great improvement to the menu is that when you hover over a recently uploaded file, you can share it right from the menu. You won’t have to search for files to share through some of the longer channels like through the “Finder” option.

Also, according to Slash Gear, this latest update to the Google Drive menu “removes some of the clumsier features of the old one” and that it “hides most options in a sub-menu in the top right.”

The update, which was just released yesterday, is according to Slash Gear “still rolling out,” so if you haven’t got it right away, don’t worry. All of the updates should be readily available and complete within the next few days.

Google Drive, which was originally launched in April of 2012, is quickly becoming a comparable option to other file management systems such as Dropbox and the Cloud due to its usability by anyone and everyone on just about any device. It’s getting some great reviews online.

Want to try it out for yourself? All you need to do is go to Then choose “Mac and PC” from the dropdown menu and start managing those files.

With these updates, Google Drive may just surpass the popularity of similar systems.

[Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia]