Google Domains Further Simplifies The Entire Process Of Owning A Website – Here’s What It Offers

Google Domains is the newest service from the search company. Ironically one of the oldest services on the internet, Google has only recently decided to enter the domain hosting business.

Given the fact that Google owns one of the best data hosting and caching tools, not to mention blazing fast response times and near-perfect uptime, it was a no-brainer for Google to start offering domain registration and hosting. But as will all the services that the search giant offers, Google had to ensure that Google Domains was as simple and hassle-free a process as possible. True to its usual commitment, Google Domain doesn’t deviate from the company’s policy.

Google has just entered the Public Beta Testing phase of Google Domains and is available only to citizens of United States. Google is offering to host domains starting at a very attractive price of just $12 a year! Beware; the prices are bound to fluctuate depending on the demand. There are other more creative domain extensions ($30/year),.company ($20/year),.ninja ($19/year) as well.

As expected, Google’s registrar service is designed for ease of use and comes with a few useful tools. Domains will help users find, buy, transfer, and manage domains and directly connect with quick and simple website builders including Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix. As part of signing up, users will also get email forwarding, the ability to customize sub-domains, and access to management tools.

Get Creative Domain Extensions From Google Domains
Get Creative Domain Extensions From Google Domains

At present, users can create up to 100 email addresses under one domain. The service also offers to keep your registration private for no extra cost. Moreover, with ICANN releasing over 1,300 new (not to mention creative) domain endings, Google Domains stands to gain exceptional prominence.

Speaking of management tools, Google has developed a neat ‘Dashboard’ that should make managing the website easy even for novices. The domain management tools will let you configure the domain’s resource records, add name servers, lock the domain, add up to 100 sub-domains and do a lot more without worrying about the technical jargon. If that’s not all, since everything runs on Google’s DNS servers, expect near-instant load-times and lag-free performance.

Google is sincerely appealing early-adopters to offer their feedback on the domain service to make it better. However, given the fact that anyone who uses internet today is bound to use at least one of Google’s products, users can expect the highest level of comfort and simplicity for which Google is already famous.

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