Arizona Police Officer Tyler Stewart’s Body Cam Captured Moment Suspect Pulled A Gun And Shot Him Dead [Video]

Arizona police officer Tyler Stewart’s body cam captured the moment a man pulled a gun and shot him dead just moments after the two chatted amicably. The Flagstaff police officer, 24, had worked for the department for less than a year. Stewart was shot four times in the head and died shortly later in a local hospital.

Tyler Stewart was murdered by Robert W. Smith, 28. The cop killer then took his own life using the Arizona police officer’s service weapon. The 14-minute police body cam video ends after Robert Smith took out his.22 handgun and pointed it at Stewart and fired.

After responding to a domestic violence house call issued by the Flagstaff Police dispatcher, Tyler Stewart encountered Robert Smith and asked him if he had any weapons in his pockets.

“No, sir. I’m just cold,” Smith replied.

The domestic violence call was reportedly sparked by an argument between Smith and his girlfriend over dirty dishes.

tyler stewart flagstaff
Flagstaff police officer Tyler Stewart.

When Tyler Stewart asked Smith is he had any weapons in his pockets after escorting the domestic violence suspect outside the home, the man said that he was just packing his “smokes” inside his jacket. The.22 handgun was brandished as Stewart attempted to reach inside Smith’s pockets.

The recently released footage from Tyler Stewart’s body camera clearly illustrates how quickly a seemingly calm encounter can turn deadly for police officers. The cop killing occurred in late December. The 14-minute body cam video begins with Officer Stewart talking with Robert Smith at his cruiser. The men spoke in a friendly and calm manner for approximately three minutes before the encounter turned violent.

Just a few moments after the Flagstaff police officer asked the domestic violence suspect if he could check him for weapons, Smith pulled out his.22 handgun and fired six shots at Tyler Stewart. Five of the.22-caliber bullets hit the Arizona police officer, four in the head and one in the lower back. Smith then immediately turned the officer’s gun on himself and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Flagstaff police body cam video recorded what law enforcement officials say is one of the most common types of emergency calls in the city. The only aspect of Robert Smith’s behavior which the police deemed as “off” was the fact that he kept his right hand deep inside his pocket, according to a report in the Arizona Daily Sun.

One of Robert Smith’s roommates told Flagstaff police that the cop killer had been contemplating suicide. A motive for the Tyler Stewart murder remains unclear.

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