Sean Penn Doesn’t Miss His Gun Collection

Sean Penn doesn’t miss his gun collection. The actor, who had nearly 65 firearms, decided to give it all up at the insistence of his girlfriend/possible fiancée, Charlize Theron.

Although Penn would rather talk about his passion for Haiti than his relationship status, he did talk about how his views on guns have changed in recent years. Penn attended the pre-Golden Globes bash for J/P HRO when the subject of firearms was brought up.

“I think guns are not something to be missed. Especially, on a serious note, when we talk about it this week [and] this tragic thing that happened in Paris. I’d like to see more guns go to sculpture.”

Penn continued, “I’d like to see it happen. I don’t know that we’ve come to a time where we can be a gun-less society, but we’re certainly not working the way we’re flying with them.”

While he didn’t point to Charlize Theron being the main reason his views about gun control changed, he did mention “a strong woman who happens to be from South Africa” changed his mind.

“Being provoked by this aforementioned strong woman and considering how liberating of bulls**t and ugliness it would be not only get rid of the guns I have in the continental United States but also to destroy them, Jeff Koons and I had a chat the other day.”

Penn said that he was auctioning off all of his firearms.

“The highest bidder gets every single one of my guns put in the hands of this iconic artist and sculptor … Koons will decommission [and] render inactive all of my cowardly killing machines.”

Charlize has been very vocal about gun control. That fact alone wasn’t surprising if you know a bit of Theron’s history. At 15-years-old, Theron was confronted by her alcoholic father who fired a gun, threatening to kill her and her mother. Her mother fired a gun at Charlize’s father in self-defense.

The actress told Event just how she feels about guns.

“Where we are now is not helping – we see an increase of gun-related deaths. If it’s not working, we have to change it. I’m a mum. I’m going to be sending my kid to school and I want to know he is going to be safe. I have to be truthful to myself.”

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