Mitt Romney Wins Iowa Caucus by 8 Votes

Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney has won the Iowa Caucus by a razor thin margin of only 8 votes. Surprisingly, Rick Santorum, who’s campaign was seen as a joke just a few months ago surged to a second place finish, and Texas Congressman Ron Paul finished third. Mitt Romney took 25% of the vote as did Santorum, Paul finished with 22% of the vote.

Newt Gingrich, who only a few weeks ago was the frontrunner in Iowa, finished a disappointing fourth but vowed to continue his campaign. Ric k Perry finished fifth and is said to be headed back to Texas to reevaluate his campaign. Michelle Bachman finished the race in sixth place but vowed to fight on.

The race further solidified Mitt Romney’s front runner status. He has an enormous fundraising advantage over Santorum and has the endorsement of almost every GOP heavyweight in the field. It was confirmed by CNN this morning that Arizona Senator John McCain is planning on endorsing Romney later today.

Romney has a huge lead in the polls heading into New Hampshire for the first in the country primary election which is going to be held next week. Romney has a home in the State and is very well liked there.

Santorum is vowing to take the fight to New Hampshire where a good showing against Romney can make the race truly competitive. Do to his moderate stance on a host of issues, Romney is considered weak in the South and Midwest. South Carolina goes to the polls right after New Hampshire and Santorum has very strong appeal among the socially and fiscally conservative southern states voters.