Don’t Like The Duggar Family? Then Mike Huckabee Thinks Your Kids Are ‘Hellions And Yuppie Larvae’

The Duggar family from the popular TLC show 19 Kids and Counting have had their fair share of controversy surrounding their conservative Christian values. However, one political figure is standing up for the Duggars in his book titled God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. Mike Huckabee, a conservative himself, says that critics of the Duggar children are simply jealous as they are “every parent’s dream.”

The Christian Post reports that Huckabee discusses the Duggar family in his new book and the “relentless and vicious ridicule” the the Duggar children endured from “snobby sophisticates.” Huckabee says that those criticizing this wholesome family are doing so out of misplaced jealousy. Huckabee goes so far as to call the children of Duggar critics “hellions and yuppie larvae.”

“[Duggar critics] exemplify their own jealousy of how well behaved the Duggar kids are compared to the little hellions and yuppie larvae created by the critics of the Duggars.”

Radar Online notes that Huckabee is a close family friend of the Duggars and has “marveled at their exemplary manners.”

“I’ve marveled at the exemplary manners and behavior of all their children.”

The book excerpts seem to focus on the ridicule that the Duggar children receive for their conservative values from those who don’t truly know the family. However, it is noted that Mike Huckabee is dishing out the same type of ridicule he is demonizing in his book. By lumping all Duggar critics into the same category of “snobby sophisticates” and calling their children “hellions and yuppie larvae,” isn’t he guilty of ridiculing children he doesn’t know? Are the children of all Duggar critics hellions? Probably not.

The Duggar family has faced controversy for a variety of issues from their pro-gun stance to fighting against same-sex marriage. The family also works closely with the Family Research Council, where their son, Josh Duggar, is Executive Director of FRC Action, a legislative affiliate of the Family Research Council. FRC Action is a group based on “traditional family values.”


“FRC Action, the non-profit and tax-exempt legislative action arm of Family Research Council, was founded in 1992 to educate the general public and cultural leaders about traditional American values and to promote the philosophy of the Founding Fathers concerning the nature of ordered liberty.”

Duggar critics claim that the FRC’s stance on same-sex marriage as well as the Duggar family’s part in the dismantling of Arkansas’ anti-discrimination bill is grounds for removal of the program from TLC’s line-up. A petition was started and has since received over 200,000 asking for 19 Kids and Counting to be taken off air as it promotes “hate” against the LGBT community.

Therefore, one can come to the conclusion that Duggar critics are simply of a different political view than the Duggars, not necessarily “jealous” of their well-behaved children.

What do you think of Mike Huckabee’s harsh statements to Duggar critics and their children? Is he guilty of the same bullying he is denouncing in his book?