WWE News: TNA Wants To Be An Alternative To WWE Programming?

In the last year, professional wrestling has changed more so than any other period since the Attitude Era. Many things are starting to develop, like the transition from John Cena to Roman Reigns as the top dog in WWE. Another note on the WWE is their minor league system, NXT, which is beginning to surpass the main roster’s show. Instead of fixing minor problems, TNA Wrestling dealt with finding a television station to air their product.

After months of deliberation between Spike TV and other networks, Impact Wrestling landed on Destination America, which had their debut episode last week. In that episode, Jeff Hardy took a hard fall off the steel cage that sidelined him indefinitely.

The main discussion right now is TNA’s product and whether or not it actually competes with WWE. As of right now, and really the last several years, TNA’s wrestling doesn’t compare to the spectacle that is WWE. At times, Impact Wrestling’s pure wrestling is much better, but the overall production doesn’t compare.

Because of TNA’s resurgence in the wrestling world, Dixie Carter’s goal with Impact Wrestling is the idea of being different. According to E-Wrestling News, TNA is attempting to become a new alternative for WWE.

TNA officials are said to be serious about making iMPACT! Wrestling an alternative to WWE and not the same kind of show. After the booking for the New York tapings, they want the program to “evolve” from what it was when it aired on Spike TV.

TNA is also hoping to “integrate” the personalities of Taz and Josh Mathews during iMPACT!. This doesn’t mean they would be involved in storylines, but that they would do more while on commentary. This may include showing them more on TV while they’re at the announce table.

Guys like Josh Mathews and Taz will do the trick on commentary, but it’s the core of stars like Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, and Austin Aries that will bring in the new audience and keep them there. In the last few days, a report came out that said Edge, former WWE champion, was contacted by TNA to show up on their Destination America-debut.

That goes against the previous statement, because he never wrestled for TNA. Rather, he was a WWE guy through thick and thin. A new nucleus of talent will gear their production towards new stars with an initiative to be different than WWE.

If TNA wants to be successful and actually steal viewers away from WWE, Dixie Carter will have to be different. That’s obviously the goal for any wrestling organization, but if any wrestling promotion can be very different, then fans will become interested right away. WWE does their thing and it works for them. Now, TNA needs to do their thing.

[Image via impactwrestling.com]