Tupac Movie: Four Reasons It Will Be Better Than Aaliyah Biopic

It’s official! A Tupac movie is being filmed this summer.

According to People, a biopic about the life of rapper Tupac Shakur (also known as “2Pac”) is currently in development. The now-untitled Tupac movie will start filming in June.

The concept of another biopic being filmed about a musician might bring back bad memories — especially about the highly-criticized Lifetime biopic about Aaliyah that premiered back in November. However, even though the cast has not yet to be chosen for the leading and supporting roles of the film, chances are that this Tupac movie will be much better than that highly-criticized biopic.

The Director

One of the biggest reasons why the Tupac movie will likely be much better than the Aaliyah biopic is the director who has stepped up to the challenge — John Singleton.

Singleton received Oscar nominations for writing and directing his first film, the 1991 hit Boyz N The Hood.

In the two decades that have passed since the release of that movie, John Singleton has built a solid resume filled with other big-screen hit movies — including Higher Learning, Rosewood and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Singleton even directed Tupac Shakur himself in the 1993 movie Poetic Justice, which also starred Janet Jackson and Regina King.

The Producer

Wendy Williams was a major target of the criticism and negative backlash from the Aaliyah movie simply because she was the film’s executive producer.

Perhaps the fact that she may not have known Aaliyah very well on a personal level played a role in the film missing the mark. With the Tupac biopic, however, the executive producer — Tupac’s mother, Afeni — probably knew the subject of the film better than he knew himself.

The Catalog

One of the biggest setbacks of the Aaliyah biopic was that the rights to Aaliyah’s complete catalog of songs were not secured. That explains why many of her biggest hits were not even mentioned in the film. That is not going to be the case with this Tupac movie, according to Collider, because the production company has secured rights to Tupac’s catalog. Chances are that Afeni played a major role in making that happen.

The Vision

Another highlight for the Tupac movie is the vision that has been confirmed by one of the producers, Randal Emmett.

“We want to be real and raw, about the things and the gangster life that he was involved in, growing up in the way that he grew up, but we also want to honor the talent that he had.”

Emmett further states that the film will focus on Tupac’s rise to fame and his successful career. He also commented on the quality of the script for the movie.

“The script is great, and we’re ready to make the movie. We’re just prepping the logistics.”

It seems like the Tupac movie may end up being more like the 2009 Notorious B.I.G. biopic, Notorious, than the Aaliyah film.

Can’t wait for this Tupac movie!

— A Star (@AstarMusicUK) January 14, 2015

Rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in a 1996 Las Vegas murder shooting. With over 75 million records sold, Tupac is still known as one of the most influential rappers of all time.

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