Demi Lovato Starts No Makeup Monday Movement

Demi Lovato wants to see lots of makeup-free photos on Twitter and Instagram on Mondays from here on out. On Monday, Demi posted a photo of herself without a stitch of makeup on and requested that her fans do the same.

The photo shows Demi lying down on what looks to be her bed. With her hair pulled back, her freckles across her face can be clearly seen.

Lovato didn’t post the photo just to show everyone how great she looks without any makeup on. She wants to encourage women to be confident and proud of themselves in their natural state. She asked that people start a Twitter and Instagram trend, “#NoMakeupMonday,” to show the world their beauty and confidence.

The makeup-free selfie included a plug for Demi Lovato’s skincare line, Devonne by Demi, which combines naturally-derived ingredients with fragrances to address the skin concerns of young women. The pop singer presumably uses products from the line to get the clear and radiant skin that she shows off in her selfie.

Demi has been on a mission lately to live a more healthier and confident life and serve as an inspiration to other women. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Demi intends on making her mental and physical health a priority in 2015. As 2014 came to a close, she posted the following message on Instagram.

“I was beautiful then, and I’m beautiful now. 2014 I decided to focus on bettering myself by making changes in my life with health, balance, endurance and consistency… It’s all about loving and taking care of the only body you will ever have… Cherish it, love it, embrace it.. Because when you do.. It begins to show. Goodbye 2014.. Who’s excited for what we can accomplish in 2015?!! Let’s do this!!!!”

Lovato has been very public about her struggles with loving herself. In November 2010, after fighting with a dancer while on tour, she checked herself into rehab. A source close to her family told People at the time that “she fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting” and “is taking control by getting help.”

It wasn’t smooth sailing for Demi Lovato, even after getting out of rehab. In an interview with Fitness Magazine for its January 2015 issue, Demi admitted that she almost went back to rehab in the summer of 2013 for an eating disorder. She shared what stopped her and what she does now to keep herself healthy.

“I almost went back to rehab for my eating disorder last summer. I was obsessing over food and terrified of it at the same time. Wilmer [Valderrama, her boyfriend] noticed and called me out on it, which was a relief. I was done being afraid of food and so tired of overeating and not knowing why I did it. Now I’m on a structured meal plan. I eat four small meals and two snacks a day. It’s teaching me portion control.”

[Image via Flickr]