Kurt Busch: ‘My Ex-Girlfriend Is A Professional Assassin,’ NASCAR Star Testifies In Abuse Hearing

Star NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, under investigation for an alleged violent assault on his former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll, testified in court Tuesday that Driscoll is actually a professional assassin who embarks on secret missions around the world, killing people for money.

Bizarrely, though the 36-year-old Busch made the claims about Driscoll under oath during a court hearing, his testimony was not the first time such seemingly outlandish allegations had been made against Driscoll, who is also 36.

In his testimony, Kurt Busch — who, himself, goes by the NASCAR nickname “The Outlaw” — said that on one occasion, in El Paso, Texas, Driscoll confessed to him that she was a paid mercenary who, he said she claimed, had served as an inspiration for a character in the movie Zero Dark Thirty, a 2012 film dramatizing a CIA covert operation to locate Osama bin Laden.

Busch claimed that Driscoll even showed him pictures of dead and bloodied bodies, presumably victims of her assassinations.

The next day, Busch said, Driscoll left for the day clad in camouflage attire. When she returned, he claimed, she had changed into a trench coat which she removed to reveal an evening gown splattered with blood.

Tuesday’s court hearing in Delaware, where Busch remains under criminal investigation on Driscoll’s claim that he violently attacked her in a fit of rage after performing poorly in a NASCAR race, was set because Driscoll, a mother of one child, is requesting a “no contact” order against her former romantic partner.

“Everybody on the outside can tell me I’m crazy, but I lived on the inside and saw it firsthand,” Busch replied when his own attorney, Rusty Hardin, grilled him on his claims that Driscoll is a hired hit woman.

But in December, Michael Doncheff, who served as a personal assistant to the then-couple, claimed that once when Driscoll seemed to be feeling unwell, she explained to him that she had been body slammed to the ground by a large man, while on a mission at the Mexican border.


The former Busch assistant also said that Driscoll also told him that she was a United States government trained assassin, and that she claimed to “take down foreign governments” and “own Washington.”

In an interview with the Associated Press following Busch’s startling testimony Tuesday, Driscoll flatly denied the assertions that she is a professional killer.

“These statements made about being a trained assassin, hired killer, are ludicrous and without basis and are an attempt to destroy my credibility… Not even Rusty Hardin believes this.”

Driscoll went on to allege that Busch lifted the dramatic tales of her supposed exploits from a “fictional movie script” that she has been writing for the past eight years, and that Busch had helped her proofread.

Kurt Busch has flatly denied Driscoll’s assault allegations against him, saying that she made the charges as revenge after Busch ended their relationship to focus on his NASCAR career.