WWE News: WWE Fans Annoyed By John Cena’s RAW Promo

This past Monday on RAW, John Cena promised that if he wins the WWE championship at the Royal Rumble, he will go home with the championship and refuse to come back to WWE until The Authority reinstates Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback because “WWE wouldn’t know what to do without a champion.”

For fans who have paid any attention to WWE over the past four months, they know that WWE has pretty much been without a champion since September as WWE champion Brock Lesnar was off of WWE television for three months, and WWE fans have responded to Cena’s promo by bashing the WWE creative team scripting Cena to make the threat that he did on RAW.

As of right now, most people aren’t picking Brock Lesnar to walk out of the Royal Rumble with the WWE championship simply because he hasn’t singed a new WWE contract, so there’s a good chance that either John Cena or Seth Rollins will walk out of the Royal Rumble as the new WWE champion, and with Cena threatening to leave WWE temporarily if he wins the title, chances are that Seth Rollins will win the WWE championship so WWE doesn’t have to pay off John Cena’s promise.

As for when Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan will return, well, the word within WWE creative is that at least one of them will be returning on next Monday’s RAW, if not all three of them. It hasn’t been said if they’ll be getting their jobs back or if they’ll just run in from the crowd. But, according to PWInsider, at least one of them will be at RAW on Monday.

There is talk that Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan will all turn on John Cena for costing them their jobs. However, that’s not very likely as Ziggler and Ryback are two of the most popular babyfaces in WWE.

As for where John Cena will go after the Royal Rumble event — it looks like he’s going to be teaming up with Roman Reigns to take on Seth Rollins and Big Show at WWE’s Fast Lane pay-per-view. The Pro Wrestling Torch has reported WWE is advertising that match as the show’s main event with Rollins likely being the champion, giving the new number one contender Roman Reigns a chance to get his hands on him before they headline WrestleMania 31.

[Image via WWE]