Giuliana Rancic Weight Causes Twitter Uproar As ‘Fashion Police’ Returns, Host Pays Tribute To Joan Rivers

Giuliana Rancic’s weight loss caused quite a reaction on social media when the E! host worked the red carpet before the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Her skeletal appearance received a huge amount of attention on social media during the broadcast, and fans are still talking about her weight loss as the week continues.

Life & Style Weekly reported on the Twitter uproar over Giuliana Rancic’s weight on Monday. Many fans have expressed their concern over her appearance on social media.

The Inquisitr reported previously on the social media frenzy caused by Rancic’s appearance. Fans really got a close look at the star when she wore a revealing pink dress on the red carpet. This was not the only dress she wore during the night, but it is the dress that caused the intense reaction on social media.

However, this is not the first time her weight loss has caused concern. Radar Online reported on Guiliana’s weight loss in December, when they showed the changes in her appearance with a collection of photos. The report revealed that friends of Giuliana are concerned over the amount of weight the woman lost, especially in recent months.

The report revealed that Rancic started to lose more weight following the death of her friend and Fashion Police co-host, Joan Rivers. Fashion Police did return to E! Television this week, and Rancic paid tribute to the late Joan Rivers in her first post on her new blog, according to Us Magazine.

“It has been a difficult transition the past few months without our Joan, but we all know that she would want the show to go on. We have her incredible daughter, Melissa, back as our Executive Producer and she will always be the link back to Joan. We will always think of her on set and we know that she will be watching over and laughing alongside us. I miss her dearly and think of her all the time. I am proud to continue on this show that she made so wonderful and special and I hope we make her proud in our premiere episode.”

Rancic has been asked about her weight loss in interviews, and she has denied that she is anorexic. She shared the reason for her skinny body in an interview with Huffington Post Live.

“I know that I eat a lot and I take walks and I have a faster metabolism. I always thought it would catch up to me and it hasn’t quite yet. I’m not trying to be cocky. Anyone who knows me knows I am the least arrogant person. I’m just trying to be honest.”

Giulana is a cancer survivor. She went into remission after a cancer diagnosis in 2011. After she was diagnosed, she decided to have a double mastectomy. In 2012, she and her husband, Bill Rancic, had a baby by surrogate.

What do you think of Giuliana Rancic’s weight? Is she too thin?

[Photo: E! Instagram]