Shark Bites Into Fisherman As He Pulls It From The Surf

Dustin Wicksell - Author

Jan. 13 2015, Updated 7:28 p.m. ET

A fisherman in Florida found out the hard way how not to handle a shark, after he picked the predator up out of the surf by the tail, and it made a quick turn to bite into his leg.

Video of the incident was posted to YouTube by Team Rebel Fishing, a group of “extreme” anglers in Florida. As it begins, a fisherman who is described as a friend of the team is pictured in the surf, about to pick up a small shark that has been reeled onto the beach. As the shark gyrates, he grabs it by the tail, lifting it off the sand. When he does, the shark lashes out in distress, arching its back to strike wildly at its sides. The shark bites into his shin, causing him to drop it as the cameraman calls out in surprise.

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As ABC 11 notes, the angler hardly lets the shark’s bite stop him from handling it. As his friends laugh at his mishap, the shark undulates in the surf before the fisherman returns for another go. Carefully grabbing the shark with both hands to prevent it from lashing out, he holds it up for the camera, before roughly tossing it back into the sea.

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The brief encounter is far from the first time that Team Rebel have had a notable encounter with a shark. As the Tampa Bay Times notes, angler Adam Fisk made headlines last March when he hooked an 11-foot-long hammerhead shark from his kayak. The shark dragged Fisk for miles, over the course of several hours, as it fought to escape. Dipping his camera in the water, Fisk was able to film the shark just four to five feet in front of his kayak as it pulled him across the sea. Fisk eventually cut the line, releasing the shark to fight another day, and video of the fisherman’s encounter spread online.

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Last month, a fisherman in Australia was bitten by a shark after he caught the predator and brought it aboard his boat. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the angler tripped and fell atop the shark, which lashed out, causing a severe laceration to his leg.

Luckily for Team Rebel and their friend, the bite was just a nip, and both shark and fisherman were able to escape without serious injury.


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