North Korea Denies Involvement In Sony Hack, Asks U.S. For Evidence

North Korea, whom the FBI blames for hacking Sony, insists that their country had no involvement in the Sony hack and has placed the burden of proof on the United States, as North Korea’s deputy U.N. ambassador, An Myong Hun, said on Tuesday that North Korea wants the U.S. to “provide evidence,” CNN reported.

“My country has nothing to do with the Sony hacking. It is out of sense to do that, and we very want United States to provide evidence […] We even requested to United States to undertake joint investigation.”

Inquisitr reported earlier that while North Korea denied responsibility for the cyber-attack, the country did convey their approval as they referred to the attack as a “righteous deed.”

The U.S. placed new sanctions on North Korea after the FBI pinned the hack on North Korea. Some technology experts have said that others could be involved in the cyber intrusion on Sony’s systems, such as former Sony employees.

North Korea has consistently denied that their country was behind the attack on Sony. The country has also blamed the United States government for being behind the making of the controversial film The Interview, which depicts the assassination of North Korean’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

Daniel Glaser, assistant secretary for terrorist financing at the United States Treasury Department, the U.S. aims to impose new sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea over the cyber attack on Sony Pictures, Reuters reported via Yahoo! News. The new sanctions intend to cut off the country’s remaining links to the international financial system. Glaser indicated that past sanctions had already discouraged hundreds of overseas banks from doing business with North Korea.

In related news, the U.S. developers of Glorious Leader!, a controversial video game in which players fight Americans as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, have cancelled a fundraising campaign for the project after falling victim to a hack which the developer, MoneyHorse, said on their Kickstarter page had been “inspired by the attack on Sony,” the Guardian reported.

“Over the holidays we were victims of a hack inspired by the attack on Sony […] The hackers destroyed data pertaining to Glorious Leader! and other projects we had in development and locked us out of our own computers and wesbite [sic].”

The Atlanta-based firm indicated that it was “not the first time” they had “been targeted because of Glorious Leader!” and that their team felt as if it was “time to reevaluate” their commitment to the game.

Do you think the United States government has provided adequate evidence to implement North Korea as the rogue nation behind the hack on Sony?

[Image via the Epoch Times]