Watch As Gas Station Is Destroyed By Water Main Break: Water, Concrete Shoot 30-Feet Into Air [Video]

A surveillance camera at a gas station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, captured the moment a water main broke, shooting concrete and water 30 feet into the air.

According to KOTV, the water main broke near the curb of a Phillips 66 gas station in North Tulsa. In the video, you see as the water main breaks and water begins pouring out into the street and parking lot. A small geyser forms and water rushes out. However, Shahin Alam, the owner of the store, said he did not expect what happened next.

“I think ‘what’s going on’? I don’t understand this happening. I never think this could happen like this. [sic]”

What was so startling? Just seconds after the initial break, a 30 foot geyser erupts from the water main. The geyser shoots water and concrete high into the air. The geyser is taller than the gas station awning and begins to wreak havoc on the area. At the 0:11 mark, you can see the awning begin to collapse. The geyser takes down the awning and several gas pumps. Alam says that several thousand dollars in damage was done.


KJRH notes that the scene looked like tornado damage, not a water main break. In the video, you can see vehicles driving around the geyser through the parking lot. Fortunately, when the gas station awning collapsed, there were no vehicles underneath or nearby that were damaged.

This isn’t the first time a water main break has caused major issues. A water main break near UCLA flooded parts of the school and Sunset Boulevard.

No injuries were reported and the water main has since been repaired.