Where Is Bobbie Maples? Michigan Woman Vanishes After Having Baby

Have you seen this missing woman? Bobbie Maples, 32, vanished last month, but her mother Muriel has passionately pushed for media coverage in hopes of finding out what happened to the missing woman. WZZM News reports that she had given birth just 10 days before her mysterious disappearance, leaving behind a little infant daughter. Her loved ones do not know who the father of the infant is, so they are left wondering what happened to Bobbie without any real leads. Muriel Maples is caring for the newborn.

“It’s like she just dropped and nobody has seen her.”

She acknowledges that her missing daughter does have a history of drug abuse, but that she’d never go off like this without staying in touch with her family. This, to her, is cause for immediate concern — and she may be correct. With the lifestyle her missing daughter leads, there is truly no telling what may have happened. However, a friend of the missing woman has mentioned seeing her near Whitehall, Michigan — approximately 20 minutes away from Muskegon (where her loved ones reside).

Muriel Maples says that her daughter gave birth to her daughter on December 6, 2014, but the child was unable to leave the hospital for an extended period of time. Bobbie Maples reportedly came to visit her child every day for over a week before she vanished entirely. She has not reached out to her loved ones, and has not responded to any attempts at locating her or reaching out to her publicly. It’s because of this that her mother and sister have formed the Help Find Bobbie Maples page on Facebook, which has attracted over 1,600 members. With the help of this page, the missing woman’s loved ones are working hard to find her.

From the words spoken by Bobbie’s loved ones on Facebook, they appear to think that she is somehow the victim of foul play. Just four days ago, the search page posted a status expressing frustration with how little information there is in the case.


“I just want to thank everyone who have help spread the word. I have been working and calling a lot of different organizations. The worst part is there just isn’t a lot to go on, this whole disappearance case has been based around a bunch of lies. The more I look back all the information and tips, the more I see the realization, someone coveted their steps well, I really can see why the cops or anyone is having a hard time with this, there are just so many lies. I just wish the ones who know something would come forward.”

It should be noted that Bobbie Maples is not the only woman to go missing from the Muskegon area in recent years. Missing woman Jessica Heeringa has been missing for going on two years, according to WXYZ Detroit News, and foul play is suspected in her disappearance. No reports indicate any possible connections between Bobbie’s or Jessica’s disappearances.

[Photo credit: Help Find Bobbie Maples Facebook Page]