Kate Middleton Told To Always ‘Smile In Public,’ No Matter How She’s Feeling

Kate Middleton seems to be under constant pressure to perform in public and to make herself the perfect royal escort in her capacity as the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William’s wife.

But while it’s always perfect dresses, great hairstyles and smiles when it comes to public royal engagements for Kate, a recent report alleges that she is “told” by the royals to force a smile when out and about, no matter how she’s feeling inside at the time.

The New York Observer notes that Kate Middleton is rarely seen out in public alone, and is always either with Prince George, or with him and husband William.

In this respect, she is rarely spotted out with friends, letting her hair down and having a good time, as she clearly makes “family and duty her priority,” which the report says is very “well and good and it works for the royal family.”

Nevertheless, some people, like her old buddies, miss Kate Middleton, as a person. As Kate, she is just so royal these days, and carries off the presence of woman many years her senior.

Back in the day, before she became one of the most important women in England, Kate was a bit of a party animal, and often frequented the clubs of London, along with her sister Pippa and friends.

As the writer of the report notes,

“There’s no doubt they are pushing Will and Kate to maintain their humdrum image after the whirlwind of scandal surrounding the palace in the 1980s and early 1990s thanks to the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York.”

And that sounds about right, as the last thing the royal family in Britain want, or need, is the same kind of scandals that surrounded Prince Charles and Princes Diana back in the 80’s.

On top of that, as per the report, Kate and William aren’t overly keen about Pippa Middleton’s new high profile, with her appearing in the public eye more and more.

“Rumor has it that she and Prince William are not fans of Pippa Middleton’s increasingly high profile, bolstered by her Vanity Fair columns, her interest in appearing on the Today Show and, of course, that truly bizarre handgun incident.”

It’s sad to think that Kate Middleton may have grown old before her time, mainly due to the heavy and constant responsibility she has taken on at a young age in her role as a key royal figure.