‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: ‘Fluke’ Situation Progresses, New Partnerships Are Formed

The “Fluke” storyline will be front-and-center this week on General Hospital it seems. The residents of Port Charles, and the viewers, are getting closer to finding out just what’s going on with him, but will answers be revealed during the week of January 12? There are some new General Hospital spoilers available, and fans have a lot to mull over.

According to She Knows Soaps, Michael will talk to the fake Luke about his project during Monday’s show. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian will share some updates on Fluke with Sonny, noting that the man who wants him dead is still pretending he is Luke. Sonny will ponder the question of whether Luke is even still alive at this point, and he tells Shawn to follow Fluke.

As Julian and Sonny discuss the Fluke situation, notes the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page, Julian will warn that their sons’ lives could be in danger if Shawn is caught following Fluke. The fake Luke is going to sense that something at the house is off, and Tracy will tell Lulu about the fight she had with Fluke as they were discussing his past.

Jake will get another task from Helena early this week, while Sam warns Carly that Jake and Helena may be working together. Carly and Jake will continue to grow closer to one another.

Anna is facing issues with work, while Nikolas and Helena join together. He is setting his sights on ELQ and he will agree to work with Helena to get what he wants. However, he will be questioning her motives.

Rosalie gets a job offer from Michael, while General Hospital spoilers indicate that Patrick and Sam will make amends. Rosalie is in the midst of a plan with someone, and she is warned to keep Michael away from Luke and Bobbie’s old house.

There will be issues of inappropriate conduct that force a run-off race between Mayor Lomax and Felicia. An anonymous tip leads to the discovery of a missing ballot box, and it will be revealed that quite a few people were in the mix of trying to manipulate the election results.

As the Soap Opera Fan blog notes, Johnny is out of prison and setting his sights on Lulu. The two connect, and he has a business offer for her. At the end of the week, Dante will walk in on the two of them together, and he is not going to be happy with Johnny.

Elizabeth will interrupt Jake as he’s in the middle of something, and Sam will get ready for a date with Patrick. Someone will be watching the two of them together, however.

Where is this all headed? When will Jake’s identity as Jason Morgan be uncovered, and how much longer will viewers have to wait until the identity of the fake Luke is revealed to all? Tune in to General Hospital weekdays on ABC to see how it all plays out.

[Image via Enstarz]