World’s Most Dangerous Airlines Named: Worst And Safest Airlines Listed

What are the world’s most dangerous airlines? Nearly 450 airlines were monitored by AirLineRatings, and a published list of which carriers are the worst and the safest has been released.

A rating system based on several factors determined which airlines make up the best and worst on this list from 2014. Factors, such as audits from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), government, and the airline’s fatality record, are taken into consideration for the reputable source’s list.

The top 10 safest airlines list names Australia’s Qantas Airlines as the number one carrier to fly on. It’s never had a fatality, and is given an additional rating for being the most experienced airline.

AirLineRatings listed the rest of the world’s safest airlines in alphabetical order. They are: Air New Zealand, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways,, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines.

The top 10 safest low-cost carriers are also on the list. They all passed the “stringent” International Air Transport Association Operation Safety Audit (IOSA) audit and have superior safety records. Those carriers are again listed in alphabetical order by the website. They are: Aer Lingus, Alaska Airlines, Icelandair, Jetblue, Jetstar,, Monarch Airlines, Thomas Cook, TUI Fly, and Westjet.

Finally, the website listed the world’s most dangerous airlines. The site reveals that 149 out of the 449 airlines studied have the top seven-star safety rating. Fifty have three stars or less. The ones that have one star or less amount to four carriers total. Those are: Kam Air, Nepal Airlines, SCAT Airlines, and Tara Air.

As AOL News reports, all four of the most dangerous airlines listed are banned in the European Union Member States and “strongly advised against” in the United States.

For all its problems with two tragic flights in 2014, Malaysia Airlines earned five out of seven stars. The airline was involved in two major crashes last year when Flight MH370 went missing in March 2014 carrying 239 people. That plane is still missing without a trace. The flight is believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean.

In July 2014, MH17 was hit by a ground-launched BUK missile during its flight over the Ukraine. It killed 298 people on-board. Russia blames Ukraine and vice versa. The devastating crash is still being investigated, but enough evidence may have been tampered with that arriving to a conclusive answer will be difficult.

The world’s most dangerous airlines are few compared to those making the world’s safest airlines lists.

[Image via Nepal Trekking Pass]