Josh Murray As ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Lead? Rep Blasts Claims Regarding Andi Dorfman’s Ex

Did The Bachelorette winner Josh Murray dump fiancee Andi Dorfman so that he could pursue becoming The Bachelor 2016 lead? That’s what one report claimed after Andi and Josh’s break-up made headlines, but his representative is calling the claims garbage. What’s the scoop?

Despite walking the red carpet together during Chris Soules’ Bachelor premiere, Dorfman and Murray split and confirmed it right as the buzz hit the Internet a few days later. Though the two haven’t said anything about the break-up beyond a carefully worded statement, some supposed insiders are talking.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, some insiders say that Andi’s controlling, jealous nature caused a wedge and ultimately led to the split. Murray’s mom Lauren has addressed the break-up, calling it a wise decision, though she did not address rumors that Josh’s family did not care for Andi.

However, as Gossip Cop notes, Hollywood Life ran a piece saying that Josh broke up with Andi so he could pursue becoming the next Bachelor lead. Supposedly he had really wanted to be the runner-up during his season with Dorfman, the position that ultimately went to Nick Viall, so he could be the lead in this new season. The article claims that Josh was resentful toward Andi for wanting to marry him because he had his eye on his own season.

Though most fans would say this scenario makes little sense, the headlines generated some buzz. However, Josh’s rep says that the story is garbage and a total lie. Murray’s rep goes on to say that the claims could not be further from the truth.

The Hollywood Life piece says that Josh had been promised the lead spot by producers if Andi didn’t pick him. It may well be true that he had been told something like that though as long-time fans would imagine, he probably wasn’t the only one. It’s long been said that producers entice multiple contestants each season to believe they could get that lead gig in the next season.

Had Josh really been angling for that gig, and had producers really wanted him in that spot, the show would likely have engineered a shocking departure for Josh in that final three spot as as been seen in previous seasons, including with Andi during Juan Pablo Galavis’ season. It would seemingly make little sense for Murray to stick around, propose, live with Andi and spend six months engaged to her if he was resentful over not getting The Bachelor 2015 season gig.

The piece says that Josh has been resentful because he could have been in the limelight, another allegation that doesn’t make a lot of sense since he and Andi have still been in the limelight, and most would argue that he’s been a bit more in the background, seemingly by choice, than Andi. Supposedly Josh is going to make a play to be the next Bachelor lead now that he’s single and that he instigated the split.

While there may certainly be some kernels of truth within the report on Andi and Josh’s split or why they stuck together for the time that they did, the allegation that Murray is going after the Bachelor 2016 spot seems fairly absurd. The timing makes no sense given how the show works though fans will be curious to see what moves he makes next in terms of staying in the limelight versus going back to his regular life.

Could Andi or Josh contemplate a spot on Bachelor in Paradise this summer? Casting hasn’t been determined for that one yet, but fans have got to think producers would be thrilled to have either Dorfman or Murray and the timing would work given the recent split and the casting process. As for Andi Dorfman’s ex Josh Murray angling for the Bachelor 2016 role, however, fans aren’t convinced and seem likely to believe his rep’s denials on this one.

[Image via Us Magazine]