Matt Lauer Giada De Laurentiis Affair Update: ‘Today’ Host Blasts Cheating, ‘Homewrecker’ Rumors

Not long after Giada De Laurentiis denied claims of cheating on her now-estranged husband, Todd Thompson, Today co-host Matt Lauer came forward and dismissed rumors of having an affair with the celebrity chef.

The buzz about the Food Network television personality have been flying around for a number of years now. De Laurentiis, 44, has been allegedly linked to a number of beaus during an 11-year marriage to her fashion designer husband. First, there was John Mayer and then Chef Bobby Flay. Now, Matt Lauer’s name is being thrown into the fray.

Giada and Todd separated in July of last year, but went public about the split in December. At the center of a love triangle is Lauer, whose alleged affair with Giada is rumored to be the reason Thompson pulled the plug. However, Matt insists that he and the celebrity chef are friends, not lovers. Additionally, he recently told reporters he feels bad that De Laurentiis’ marriage is strained.

“There is no truth to that story. From the horse’s mouth we have been friends for 10 years and more importantly I feel bad for what she has been going through.”

Giada De Laurentiis spoke out earlier after the rumor broke, according to a previous Inquisitr report. Like Lauer, she blasted the controversy that her marriage was linked to an affair with Matt Lauer.

“My long-time friendships with my co-workers Matt Lauer and Bobby Flay are exactly that — long-time friendships. There has never been a romantic relationship with these two men.”

Gossip Cop traced the rumor to the tabloid, Star. GC admonished the magazine for creating a rumor about Matt and Giada’s affair. It insists that the buzz is false and represents Star’s history of creating headlines out of thin air. Word is, its sister publication, Radar Online, rehashed a 2010 story that detailed an alleged affair with De Laurentiis and John Mayer. GC suggests Star wove the story into its claims that the celebrity chef is a serial cheater.

“The magazine now claims De Laurentiis and Mayer had an ‘affair’ and accuses De Laurentiis of having ‘close relationships’ that may have been romantic with both Lauer and Flay. Star alleges De Laurentiis had an ‘outburst’ at The Standard hotel in New York on December 10 over a supposed ‘leak,’ and says ‘three different men’ are blackmailing her with cheating allegations.

“NONE of this is true. Star made up everything. De Laurentiis has given Gossip Cop an exclusive response to the tabloid’s mean-spirited and baseless allegations.”

The bubbly chef’s representative also slammed the rumors of a Lauer affair with their client.

“She barely knows John Mayer. She met him at an event and chatted with him for about five minutes and that is the extent of her contact with him.”

De Laurentiis and Thompson appear to be intent on keeping things civil, despite the reason they decided to separate. According to Giada’s statement on Facebook, the split is a difficult time, but they are optimistic about their futures living apart.

“Todd and I share a beautiful daughter and a lifetime of great memories that we both treasure more than anything. We are so thankful for our friends and family, and really appreciate the support in this time of change.”

For now, Matt Lauer and Giada De Laurentiis are not an item; both deny rumors about having an affair. Stay close for new developments to this story.

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