‘Love, Hip Hop’ Star Indicted: Stevie J Owes Baby Mama A Mighty Million In Back Child Support

Love And Hip Hop star Stevie J is headed to the clink. According to TMZ‘s latest report, Stevie J, known for his role on the hit VH1 show, has been indicted and charged for not paying child support. The shocking report states that he owes the mother of his two children more than $1 million.

The Love and Hip Hop personality had been arrested earlier this year for not making the more-than-$8,000 child support payment to his baby mama. The judge gave him the chance to stay out of jail if only he would agree to stay clean, and Stevie J couldn’t even do that. Before today’s events, he was completing a 30-day stay in drug rehab for testing positive for marijuana, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Even though the grand jury has made the indictment, he will not appear in court for his arraignment until February. The arraignment will take place at a court in New York City.

Love & Hip Hop fans want to know why Stevie J is having such a hard time making his child support payments, especially since he knows that he can do time for failing to do so. After all, these are his children — despite how he feels about his ex-girlfriend.

Some say that he doesn’t have the money, and that he has used the money that he has left on drugs. Others say he’s just a deadbeat dad who wants to live a lavish and glamorous life without giving a flip about what his children need. In September, Music Times reported that Stevie J and Joseline had been evicted or had moved abruptly from their home.


Here are some of their comments about the breaking story.

“How can you have money and still be a bum a**s father!!”

“I never understood how men with millions won’t pay child support. I payed it and I make under 40k a year. I have custody now.”

“Good honestly i think if someone doesn’t try and pay child support and keeps having kids with someone else he should be forcefully sterilized they should lose there right to reproduce.”
“$1mil in child support? Now we know the courts are full of stupidity.”

“Lets all worship this loser and put him on tv – what is wrong with Americans?”

“Way to go on not taking care of your kid(s) Idiot!”

No word on what Joseline is saying or thinking. Check back for updates as we report on this story throughout the day.

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