Paris Hilton Needs A Nanny For Her Micro-Mini Teacup Puppy

Paris Hilton needs a nanny… for her new puppy.

Folks who are looking to rub elbows with the rich and famous have an opportunity to score a gig with one of the world’s most recognizable socialites. If you don’t mind carrying for tiny dogs for an unspecified amount of time every day, then you should definitely give Paris Hilton a call. Apparently she’s in the market for a nanny.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Hilton is now the proud owner of micro-mini teacup Pomeranian, the eighth addition to her growing family of canine companions. Since Paris has so many dogs to attend to these days, she’s looking for a nanny to care for her new addition and the seven other four-legged furballs that live under her roof.

“She is thinking about getting the dog its own nanny. It’s so small she needs someone to feed it as if it were a newborn baby,” an insider told the New York Post.

So how much can a potential nanny expect to get paid for looking after Paris Hilton’s pooches? At the moment, nobody has any specifics about the job. Considering Hilton has quite a bit of scratch at her disposal, the sky is pretty much the limit. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s willing to finance your wildest dreams.

Fox News reports that Hilton picked up the micro-mini teacup Pomeranian and another dog for her mom for around $25,000. According to insiders, Paris recently took her new friend to the Kari Feinstein’s Golden Globes Style Lounge in West Hollywood.

“Just got @Prince_Hilton_The_Pom a new girlfriend from @BettysYorkies. Obsessed! She is so tiny & amazing! What should I name her?” Hilton wrote on Instagram.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information floating around about Hilton’s desire for a dog nanny. What’s more, it’s currently unknown how one would go about applying for such a position. Considering Paris loves her furry companions, she’s definitely not going to hire just anyone for the job. In other words, walk-ins probably aren’t accepted.

Would you take a job as a dog nanny for Paris Hilton? How much do you think someone should get paid for looking after the socialite’s eight pooches?

[Lead image via Pop Sugar]