Latest ISIS Video Calls For Attacks On Civilians — U.S., Canada, France, And Australia On High Alert

Officials in the United States, France, Australia and Canada have been put on alert and are “closely monitoring” the situation in their respective locations, after a video by ISIS surfaced that called repeatedly for attacks on civilians, police, and members of the named countries’ military.

Canadian Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, as relayed by the National Post, communicated about the details of the internet video.

“The video showed footage of the attack [in November] on Parliament Hill as well as last week’s killings in Paris, and quoted from a statement issued last September by ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al Adnani calling for terrorist attacks in the West.”

The nine-minute video was not an official release from ISIS, but compiled earlier threats that were made by the extremist group and clearly named the four nations mentioned. As the National Post indicates, “after the Paris attacks and the killings of Canadian Forces members, police were taking no chances.”

CNN’s coverage of the new developments includes words by NYPD deputy-commissioner for counterterrorism John Miller, who tempered fears of a threat to officials in New York City stating, “I don’t think that we are under any more threat… or any less threat than we were the day before.”

Miller then shared that the department is on a “heightened security posture on a normal day compared to almost any other police department.” He also added that more than 1,000 officers and analysts are given counterterrorism duties every day.

The video surfaced a day after twin Canadian brothers, 24-year-old Carlos Larmond and Ashton Carleton Larmond, who are connected with ISIS, were arrested by RCMP on multiple counts of terrorism, as they attempted to escape to Syria.

Arrested in Ottawa, and making their first appearance outside the Ottawa courthouse, the brothers’ defense lawyer, Joseph Addelman, spoke on their behalf.

“This is going to be a case where we are going to determine how much value the Canadian system truly places on freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and these matters will be determined in court.”

Steven Blaney later addressed his stance on the matter and how Canadian officials are intending to handle the latest threats.

“Canada will not be intimidated and stands firm against terrorists who would threaten our peace, freedom and democracy[.] While I cannot comment on operational matters, we will not hesitate to take all appropriate actions to counter any terrorist threat to Canada, its citizens and its interests around the world.”

The repeated threats come mere days after a mass killing spree in Paris that left 17 victims dead, along with the three assailants. In addition, the three-day terror spree left millions in shock.

Police in Paris on alert after attack, image via The Wrap
Police in Paris on alert after attack, image via The Wrap

CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank, notes that “we’ve seen ISIS-inspired attacks in all the Western countries [ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani ] specifically mentioned: Canada, the United States, Australia and France. ”

He also adds that “ISIS appears to be renewing or recycling previous threats made in an audio tape released by the ISIS spokesman in September which called for attacks by supporters on France and other Western countries in retaliation for air strikes in Syria and Iraq.”

Additionally, Cruickshank says that ISIS is hoping that new followers will be drawn to the group based on the involvement of a self-professed ISIS member in the Paris attack this past week.

Watch video via ABC of the Unity Rally, which brought out millions of participants in Paris Sunday.

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