'Entourage' Cast Hits Red Carpet At Golden Globes — In Character For Upcoming Reunion Movie

The cast of HBO's hit series Entourage made a surprise appearance on the red carpet before the 2015 Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on Sunday night. In fact, the main cast members of the comedy that ran on the pay cable channel from 2004 to 2011 showed up early — very early — and walked the red carpet alone.

Why? The Entourage group was there to film what appears to be a last-minute scene of their upcoming movie, a big screen sequel to the TV show, which centered around an up-and-coming Hollywood superstar — loosely based on the show's producer Mark Wahlberg — and his group of best friends as they navigated the ups and downs of the movie industry, and the glamorous social scene surrounding the business.

The Inquisitr earlier revealed the first trailer for the Entourage film, which can be viewed here.

The Entourage movie, scheduled to hit screens in June, will apparently somehow incorporate those characters as they attend the Golden Globes — probably each having won some major award, if the movie stays true to the relentlessly optimistic tone of the HBO series.

Adrian Grenier as "Vincent Chase," and his "entourage" consisting of Kevin Connolly as "Eric," Jerry Ferrara as "Turtle," Kevin Dillon as "Johnny Drama," and fan favorite Jeremy Piven as the super-agent "Ari Gold" were all in attendance filming the scene, along with Emmanuelle Chriqui.

As they pretended to walk the Golden Globes red carpet, the Entourage group also pretended to be interviewed by actual interviewer Carson Daly. The fake Hollywood scene also featured fake fans, holding handwritten signs reading "I Love You Vincent Chase," as well as other adoring slogans.

Reportedly, the plot of the Entourage film takes place sometime after the conclusion of the series as the gang struggles to stay on budget while shooting a $100 million studio movie. Ari Gold is now the boss of the studio and, as usual, is high strung and stressed out.

But if the way most storylines in the TV series ended up means anything, chances are that all's well that ends well for the Entourage gang, and they wind up with a hit movie that wins a Golden Globe.

All of the original cast members returned for the Entourage reunion movie, along with Wahlberg in a smaller role, most likely as himself. But Wahlberg was not in attendance as the group walked the red carpet in advance of the Golden Globes.