WWE News: Why Roman Reigns Is Failing To Deliver On His Promos, Vince McMahon Writing Them Personally?

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has not started off his new year all that well. His once promising push has seemingly gone down a bit, while others such as Seth Rollins are getting a potential push to the moon. WWE isn’t sold on Roman Reigns now. While Triple H loves Reigns and wants him to be the face of the WWE in the future, he simply isn’t fitting into that role yet. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose seem to be striking gold every week.

It is said that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon isn’t sold on Reigns. However, he has taken over promos for him. This is something many people feel is the main problem, as Vince lacks the ability to truly connect to the crowd these days. According to Daily Wrestling News, the feeling is that the promos written for Reigns have seemingly put him in “quicksand.”

After comparing himself to Superman in recent weeks, he once again delivered a cartoony promo on this past week’s version of WWE SmackDown with the Sylvester “sufferin’ succotash” line. He broke the fourth wall a bit after, which some liked while others did not. Many feel he is being pushed to work promos like John Cena, though his character simply does not have the design of a Cena or even a design like his cousin, The Rock.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer responded to a fan regarding Reigns’ promos.

“Vince is writing his promos. Vince is really out of touch. I hate to say it but the promos speak for themselves.”

Knowing this, will WWE give Reigns’ promos to someone else, or allow him to write them on his own? When he was in The Shield, he spoke off and on. However, he was mainly just saying a few words here and there. It wasn’t until later on that he did more talking. Even then, however, he didn’t go overboard.

Someone needs to do promos correctly for Reigns, and work with the character Reigns has made his name as. If they were to make him like John Cena, this generation of fans will not take to him. The best case scenario for Reigns is to go back to what fans loved about him, and not come off as the next John Cena.

Trying to be the next John Cena will only alienate him. This is why people have not taken to him as much, while guys like Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler have seemingly been hot for months with no sign of cooling off despite their booking. WWE has a lot of things to work out with Roman Reigns, but they may be able to do it with another writer taking to Reigns.

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