Peggye McNair: Pet Camel Crushes Woman, Companion To Death At Texas Ranch In Wichita Falls

Peggye Mcnair, of Wichita Falls, Texas, was crushed to death by her pet camel on Saturday morning. According to the Daily Mail, 73-year old Peggye McNair and her companion, 53-year old Mark Mere, were trampled to death at Camel Kisses Farm after the exotic animal became enraged.

It was alleged that the camel was in heat or wanted to mate at the time of the tragic deaths. Law enforcement officials say that once the animal became angry, he charged at ranch hands McNair and Mere. The farm owner apparently tried to close the gate, but the camel was able to get out rapidly.

When police arrived at the scene located in the 4200 block of FM 367, they found two people who were already deceased. Both victims, who were identified as Peggye McNair and Mark Mere, had severe head injuries. The bodies were both transported to the Tarrant County Coroner's office so that an exact determination of death can be made.

The police released the following statement regarding the odd death.

"A large aggressive camel was in the area as well and it took deputies several minutes to move it to another location. It appears that both victims were trampled by the camel."

A look into Peggye McNair's background shows a caring woman who loved animals. She began in the business of raising camels with her husband over two decades ago. Her husband has since passed.

"I only knew her through work, but she was a very nice lady. And she enjoyed raising those camels and educating people about them. Breaks my heart."

The former camel owner loved the animals deeply, and believed that if raised with loving care, the camels would not be dangerous to the owners. Unfortunately, she was wrong, as many say that almost any animal will and can become dangerous at unpredictable times -- despite the loving disposition of the pet owner.

The camel, who inflicted the deadly blows, was put to death with the permission of the family -- outraging some in the community who say that the camel should not die for doing what it is naturally inclined to do. Here is what many are saying.

"So it was killed because it didn't act like a pet. It acted like a wild animal, because IT IS A WILD ANIMAL. That makes so much sense. Lock up creatures & then kill them when they behave naturally."

"Duh. What part of 'Wild animal' Is too hard to understand?"

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