Overnight Arson Attack Reported On German Newspaper That Reprinted Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

In a horrific reminder that Islamic extremists are not going to remain content with the recent terrorist attacks in France, reports are coming in from Germany that point towards an arson attack against a German newspaper. According to Russia Today, the offices of a German language tabloid named Hamburger Morgenpost were attacked by a group of men on early Sunday morning. The newspaper had famously reprinted the same cartoons that the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo had published.

According to ABC News Australia, no one was hurt in the incident since it happened in the wee hours of the morning when no one had reported to work. However, a police spokesperson from Hamburg has confirmed that there was significant damage to the office. Rocks and stones were thrown at the building, after which a burning object was thrown inside it in order to set it on fire.

"Rocks and then a burning object were thrown through the window. Two rooms on lower floors were damaged but the fire was put out quickly," the police spokesperson confirmed.

The newspaper has also confirmed an arson attack on its office through its official Twitter account.

He added that they have already detained three individuals in connection with the attack. Further investigation is still on to nab the group behind the fresh attack. Earlier, the newspaper had come in open support of Charlie Hebdo, and printed three cartoons originally posted by the French newspaper with the following headline.

"This much freedom must be possible!"

As of now, there is no clarity if the latest arson attack was the result of an action by an organized group. Police officers are also investigating if there is a connection between the people who carried out the Charlie Hebdo attacks and this newest attack in Germany. A police officer said that it is too early for them to draw any conclusions.

Meanwhile, it is now being reported that Hamburger Morgenpost had hired private security guards and were anticipating an attack of this nature. It is not clear if they were on duty at night when this attack took place. German news agency DPA reports that the attack was launched from the courtyard of the building, where the offices of the newspaper are located. The fire reportedly took place in one of the archive rooms of the publication. Several archives were reportedly destroyed in the fire. That said, the fire was minor, and the office should be back to functioning normally today.

Several countries in Europe have beefed up security after intelligence agencies received information about the possibility of attacks directed at media organizations. The U.S. too is concerned about similar attacks happening on its soil.

[Image Via Russia Today]