These Baby Reptiles Will Break The Adorable Counter For Sure

Reptiles are often perceived with trepidation. Their mere presence can unnerve most. However, these animals aren’t as intimidating as they look. In fact, these photos will help you love them. These photos of smiling reptiles will ensure you view them a lot differently than you did earlier.


There are 8,240 species of reptiles in the world, inhabiting every continent except Antarctica.


Majority of the reptiles and amphibians are cold-blooded. This means that they depend on external sources, such as the sun, to maintain their body temperatures.


Since they do not need to heat up their internals, reptiles consume way less food than say birds or humans.


Reptiles can survive easily by eating 30 to 50 times less food than warm-blooded creatures.


Though turtles hatch from eggs, these guys can live for more than a century. Many are unaware that tortoises are considered a part of the reptile family.

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Less than a hundred of the world’s 3,000 varieties of snakes are actually venomous. The King Cobra is by far the largest venomous snake, but there are hundreds of tiny snakes that crawl harmlessly seeking food.


Surprisingly, the opposite is true in Australia. There are actually more venomous snakes in Australia than non-venomous snakes.


More Americans succumb to bee stings than snake bites each year.


Most of the reptiles have an acute aversion to cold.


Reptiles like the snake don’t smell through their noses like most land-dwelling mammals do.


Snakes and lizards use their tongue to “taste” the wind. They flick their tongues in the air to capture scent particles.


Contrary to popular belief, chameleons do not change their color to blend in with different backgrounds.


Chameleons are naturally camouflaged with their surroundings, which is most commonly green.


Many consider reptiles to be slimy. However, reptiles lack sweat glands, which help us humans to secrete sweat.


Owing to the lack of sweat glands, their skin is usually cool and dry.


Owing to myths and folklore, snakes are often rounded up and slaughtered by the hundreds, but it is a wrong practice that is harmful to the balance of the nature.


Reptiles are the oldest type of animal on the planet. Some of the species like the humble turtle has been on the plant for more than 200 million years.


What’s even more surprising, turtles, along with crocodiles haven’t altered at all.

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