J. Cole Ready To Tie The Knot

It’s been a long engagement, but sources are saying that J. Cole is finally ready to make that trip down the aisle with his longtime girlfriend, Melissa Heholt.

It’s been a long, and sometimes winding, road for the couple, who have been engaged since 2010. North Carolina native J. Cole met his sweetheart when they were both attending St. John’s College in Queens, New York.

Even though the two seemed to be a match made in heaven, their relationship came into question many times, one of the reasons being that Heholt never got a ring to prove their engagement. There were also rumors that J. Cole strayed.

The couple was apparently on a break when J. Cole met Bria, of whom not much is known other than being J. Cole’s “side chick,” according to the Latin Post.

Bria started getting some attention, though, after she posted pictures on Instagram of someone looking like J. Cole leaving her hotel room along with pictures later on of a baby bump. It was in response to finding out that even though he might have been on a break with Heholt, J. Cole was not leaving her completely to be with Bria. According to the Latin Post, Bria was “jealous after discovering that the ‘Power Trip’ rapper had asked his longtime lover to marry him, instead of her.”

J. Cole’s supposed baby mama has quieted down, though, and not much has been heard from her recently.

Now, it appears that J. Cole has decided Heholt is without a doubt the one for him. He bought his lovely lady a four-carat diamond ring. Nothing says love quite like a huge, sparkly rock.

According to EURWeb, a “date and location has been set already” for the two lovebirds to walk down the aisle. It appears that it is going to be a great year for J. Cole. He gets to marry his successful wedding planner sweetheart. J. Cole also dropped a new album on December 9, 2014, Forest Hills Drive, which has been doing well.

While there was quite a bit of drama in the past, many well wishes are with J. Cole and his lovely lady as they start the new year off right.

[Photo Courtesy of Freddyo.com]