‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Says Getting Recognized By Fans Is ‘Still Awfully Strange’

While Maisie Williams admits that she likes getting recognized in public by Game of Thrones fans, she also revealed that the experience is quite unusual for her.

During an interview with Channel 4 in which she was promoting her new TV movie, Cyberbully, Williams said she understands that getting recognized by fans is one of the things that comes with being an actress. But the Game of Thrones star did also mention that those she has met have been friendly, even though there have been some instances where fans have gone a little too far.

"It's still awfully strange. People forget that they don't know you. Sometimes people get a bit – particularly when it's parties or festivals and people are a bit drunk – it gets very intense, and people forget that you're actually a person, and they're not allowed to just grab you and pull you by your arm and grab your t-shirt."

The Game of Thrones star added the amount of fans that recognize her can be a bit much, but she reiterated that she still likes it when she is noticed.

"They're never trying to be nasty, but sometimes that's really overwhelming. Sometimes that's not okay. But usually it's a very, very positive experience. I've got more used to it."

And while she is one of the stars on the wildly popular Game of Thrones, Williams also mentioned that she has been a victim of cyberbulling herself.

"Trolling is the biggest thing that anyone faces, and it's easy to dismiss, but it does hurt. As much as we like to say we don't care, of course we do. People laugh at me when I try to stop people from behaving like that. Just in my followers, not on the internet in general. But I don't want that. I don't want Twitter to be that sort of place."

Williams was 12-years-old when she auditioned for her role as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. Now that she's almost 18, Williams said she is thankful for the show.

"It's been a brilliant experience for me, I couldn't really have asked for a better opportunity. So many kids of my age are struggling to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives, or what subjects they're going to take, or what they're going to do at Uni. I've been so lucky to have been given the opportunity to do something I love for the rest of my life."

Before Game of Thrones fans get to see Williams and others return for the series' fifth season, 150 IMAX theaters will be offering a one-week run of the final two episodes from Season 4. According to Entertainment Weekly, the special showings begin January 23, and will mark the first time a television series has been presented in the IMAX format.

The fifth season of Game of Thrones starts Sunday, April 12, at 9 p.m.

[Image via Game of Thrones Wiki]