Deer Park Stabbing: Man Stabs Co-Worker 22 Times Because ‘She Just Annoys Him’

A man was arrested Thursday night in Deer Park, Illinois, for stabbing his female co-worker 22 times outside of a movie theater.

According to a report from WLS-TV, 18-year-old Daniel Dion and 24-year-old Katie King have been co-workers at a telemarketing firm in Deer Park for the past three months. Dion asked if King had any interest in seeing a movie after work, and she accepted his offer.

When the two arrived at the Century Theaters in Deer Park, the man pulled out a knife and unexpectedly began stabbing his co-worker inside her vehicle. The 24-year-old woman was able to escape after being stabbed 22 times, and she sought help from theater workers, who called the authorities.

After his arrest, Lake County Sheriff Deputy Chief Ed Haras said the suspect confessed to investigators his reason for stabbing King.

“When he woke up for breakfast yesterday morning, he decided he was going to kill Katie King. And we asked him a little bit further as to why, and he advised that he works with her and she just annoys him.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, the stabbing incident left King in critical condition Thursday with both lungs being punctured, as well as cuts to the neck and face. She was being treated in the intensive care unit at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights. After an operation on Friday, King’s condition improved to critical but stable.

Lake County Undersheriff Ray Rose said the suspect attempted to flee the scene of the stabbing, but employees at the Deer Park movie theater were able to spot him.

“[He] was covered in blood, so it was easy to find him.”

Dion is currently being held at the Lake County Jail without bond for attempted murder and aggravated battery charges in the Deer Park stabbing incident.

Rose Dion, Daniel’s twin sister, told the Chicago Tribune that her brother has had issues with behavior over the years. But Thursday’s stabbing outside of the Deer Park movie theater left her in shock.

“That could have been me. I feel really horrible for that girl.”

Sergeant Curtis Gregory said in a statement, via the Chicago Daily Herald, the suspect used a combat knife that had a 4-inch serrated blade during the Deer Park stabbing incident.

“The information I received from the detective was that he (Dion) woke up at 10 a.m. and decided he was going to kill her. This was a very savage attack inside the car. He really went after her.”

Dion is scheduled to make another court appearance on February 2.

[Images via Twitter and Cinema Treasures]