Harry Reid Reportedly Blind In One Eye After Bizarre Exercise Mishap

Harry Reid is still recovering from an exercise mishap that left him so badly injured that he’s had to miss the start of the newly elected congress. His recovery is going to be an uphill one, however, because the New York Daily News reports that some of the damage he sustained may not be reparable. The Senate Minority Leader is hopeful that his doctors in Nevada will do what they can to get him back in tip-top shape, but there is a possibility that he may be left with a handicap.

Reid may be permanently blind in his right eye. This unpleasant news comes as more shock added to an already shocking situation. Reid claims that the bands of an exercise machine snapped while he was working out, and the momentum flung him into a set of cabinets, head-first. This resulted in numerous unsightly injuries which included bruises and scrapes — many of which on his face, and in his right eye. While he is hopeful that his doctors can help him regain sight in his damaged eye, the 75-year-old politician may have to come to terms with the possibility that altered eyesight is his new reality.

The Daily Beast appears to be making light of the entire situation, focusing on the detail of how many sit-ups the aging senator can do. It’s reported that Reid does as many as 250 sit-ups three times a week along with strenuous running and yoga. This is something that may be hard to believe for some, including readers of the Daily Beast and Reid’s opposition. The confusion regarding his exercise regimen stems from comments made by Reid while discussing his painful looking injuries. He addressed the oddity that his machine broke after he had used it hundreds of times, numerous times a week.

“I don’t know how many people out there could sit down and do 250 pushups [sic] or do the strength exercise I did with those bands hundreds and hundreds of times—hundreds of times—every week, three times a week. So no one has to question my physical ability.”

If it’s true that Reid exercises that much, then he must be in amazing shape. It’s unfortunate that his exercise routine ended in a serious injury this time around, and even more unfortunate that he may be permanently blinded as a result of it. Here’s to hoping that his doctors fix everything soon so he can get back to being himself again.


[Photo credit: Harry Reid/ABC News]