What Do Duggars Listen To In Their Workout Headphones? Jill Dillard Shares Her ‘Playlist’ [Photo]

The Duggar family has really stepped up their health game in the recent years. The gym has become somewhat of a staple for the family. However, many fans of the Duggar’s show 19 Kids and Counting have wondered what type of workout music would be suitable for the conservative Duggars? What do the Duggars listen to in those workout headphones? It appears Jill Dillard has the answer.

Jill Dillard may be pregnant, but that hasn’t stopped her from keeping fit. In fact, the mom-to-be frequently works out and posted a “healthie” (selfie taken when working out) to her Instagram account earlier today. The photo showed a make-up free Jill walking at the gym. However, in the caption, Jill also revealed what was playing in her headphones.

“Walking at the gym this morning while listening to a sermon by Pastor Rick Warren on the #OnePlace app!”

Jill Dillard

That is correct, no upbeat walking music for this particular Duggar. Instead, she was pulling double duty – getting in her workout and some spiritual knowledge all at the same time.

However, Jill isn’t the only Duggar who has shared a small glimpse of a typical Duggar workout sessions. Jessa recently posted a video of her sister Joy Anna doing some parallel squatting. In the video, you can hear some music in the background and see exactly what the Duggar women’s workout attire looks like. The Duggar girls don’t ditch the skirts for gym time, but instead pair them with a pair of pants. To further ensure the girls aren’t confronted with potential wardrobe issues, Jessa and Ben Seewald have started their own 19 Kids and Counting workout club where members don’t have to worry about seeing others in attire that is not Duggar appropriate.

Ben Seewald told People Magazine that he and Jessa work out with other Duggars from time to time.

“We do a lot of weight lifting and cardio together, trying to stay fit. Some of the other kids, like Joy and Jason, sometimes join in. We have a little workout club going.”

So the Duggars may not listen to the latest workout mix, but they do seem to be making a commitment to live healthier lifestyles. What do you think of the Duggar’s workout choices? Do you sometimes opt for a book on tape or other non-music choice for working out?