‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Writers Reveal Which Scene Was The Hardest To Write

The Fault In Our Stars novel is famous for its heartbreaking story, but The Fault In Our Stars film adaptation is an equally emotional experience. While young adult author John Green came up with the original tragic love tale of cancer patients Hazel and Gus, the screenwriters of The Fault In Our Stars had a hand in touching the hearts of millions. It might not be surprising for viewers to learn that writing The Fault In Our Stars was just as hard at times as it was to watch.

According to Vulture, The Fault In Our Stars screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber claim that one scene in particular was especially difficult to put down on paper. Those who saw The Fault In Our Stars in theaters will remember the lump in their throat during the dinner scene between Hazel and Gus at Oranjee in Amsterdam. The writers said this moment in The Fault In Our Stars was an incredible challenge, not just to capture the love between Hazel and Gus, but a larger existential view on the universe. When asked what the hardest scene to write in The Fault In Our Stars was, the writers responded with this:

“Despite the romantic setting, finality is on their minds, as it so often is, and so their thoughts turn to the afterlife — what happens after you die? Is there more to the story? Will any of this suffering and sadness make sense?

Big questions, big themes; not exactly your typical teenage dinner conversation. But these are not your typical teenagers. Though they live their lives refusing to let their disease define them, Hazel and Gus are also acutely aware of their need to accelerate a lifetime of experience into what little time is left. Something the rest of us never do.”

Entertain This points out that this is a surprising scene from The Fault In Our Stars for the writers to pick. While much of The Fault In Our Stars is difficult to watch for the emotional pain and even some terribly awkward interactions, the dinner scene is quite a beautiful portion of the film. Many The Fault In Our Stars fans would probably have guessed other scenes like the moment Hazel and Gus meet their alcoholic idol, author Peter Van Houten (who treats them like dirt), or any scene involving the cold and shocking reality of cancer. But as The Fault In Our Stars author John Green would probably agree, the real message of the story is not pain and suffering but making the most of life and understanding how to find your place in the universe.

Have you seen The Fault In Our Stars? Have you read The Fault In Our Stars novel? If so, what did you think was the best scene, or the hardest to sit through? For more on The Fault In Our Stars, check out some scenes from The Fault In Our Stars that you won’t believe were cut from the film.